It’s so cold here in Toronto, or perhaps it’s just my imagination because I think that anything below 10 degrees celsius is cold.  But even Drake the dog wants to go inside after only 10 minutes galavanting about; so, it can’t all be in my head right?

This was today’s on air look and the best part is that it’s super comfy!  The soft jersey knit dress is the most relaxed thing ever.  And I love the detail of the asymetrical hem.  It adds a little interest into what would otherwise be a very boring outfit.  

However, I couldn’t go without adding a little glitz to the whole thing – I don’t like to be too monochromatic.  So I added these statement earrings.  I love the intricacy and size of these, but I like that they still manage to be elegant because of the solid silver look.

The best thing about today though?  Even though it’s so cold and bitter and I hated being out, something great happened.  After coming home frozen, I warmed up with a bowl of homemade soup (made by Husband) and opened an early birthday present.  What was it you ask?  A night for me at The Sutton Place Hotel – just for me.  No baby to keep me up and no one to ask anything of me.  I’m going to sleep, eat, sleep, run, sleep, and sleep.  He’s giving me a whole 24 hours of uninterrupted peace and rest.  I couldn’t have asked for anything better.  That’s one good man for you.  Can’t wait!  It’s this Thursday, December 16.  You betcha I’m going to blog all about it.