Dress 70: Pardon The Lunacy Of This Unhappy Camper

Cardi – H&M; Shirt – from Mom; Dress – F21

Seriously!  What is up with the weather here??? Spring was well on it’s way with sunshine and warm breezes and all of a sudden we have flurries and weather in the negative degrees celsius.  I am not a happy camper.  

I’m also very tired today, so pardon the raving lunacy.

That’s it.  I’m done for today.  Better stop writing before I say something stark raving mad.

See y’all tomorrow!

So Excited For Summer!

Hat – Ruche

Summer is just around the corner.  And I can’t wait until it arrives!  I look forward to landscaping and garening, and generally making the outside of our house as beautiful as the inside.  But I also can’t wait to see Baby running around a sprinkler or in and out of her wading pool smiling her toothy grin the whole time.  I purchased this hat with summer in mind *the wide brim to keep the sun off my face* and now everytime I look at it I think, “Come on already Summer!”

Dress 69: Waves Of Excitement And Rest

Cardi – H&M; Dress – Esprit; Leggings – F21; Boots – First
Today is a grey and black outfit for a grey and black day for a grey and black mood. 
I have to say I’m tired.  The last week has been really busy, in a great way.  It has been full of experiences and opportunities and laughs and excitement.  But it drains me.  I’m not a person that thrives on craziness and being around lots of people all day every single day.  I need my long runs and my solitude and that has been lacking.  So today’s outfit reflects my feelings.  
I have one final meeting that I’m really excited about  *potential for greatness abounds here* and then an on-air shift tonight where I get to chat to all the lovely people at home.  And then three whole days of quiet.  Just me and Baby and the treadmill. 
Don’t get me wrong, I love exciting weeks like this past one. 
I need those times. 
But I’m also ready for a few days of rest.

Random Sundays: Bi-polar Sunshine

An alleyway in Venice.

I love the colors and the crooked tower.

Me waiting with all our luggage loaded off the ship.

Since today it’s been sunny and then snowy my mind has been wandering to more beautiful sights then the bi-polar weather here in Toronto.  I find myself thinking about Venice.  And I found my favorite shots of Venice to be things like alleyways and a buliding rather than the traditional canal with gondola because everyone has those shots and everyone has seen those shots.   I appreciated Venice, and I loved the windy streets from a military aspect (because well, I am a martial artist), but I didn’t fall in love with Venice as others have.  Don’t get me wrong, if someone offered me a trip there I wouldn’t refuse! It just wouldn’t be my first choice of anywhere in the world.

It does bring a smile to my face though.

You know what else brings a smile to my face?  This little ray of sunshine riiiight here.

It’s Rainy And My Mind Wanders To Scotland

It’s raining today.  It’s not fun.  In the night the wind howled and shook everything so much that we checked online in the middle of the night to see whether there was a tornado warning.  Husband got scared awake a few times in the night, we both did.  So this miserable weather got me thinking of when we were in Scotland.  It rained the enitre time.  Yes, I know that’s the climate, but I thought we’d get at least one day of good weather.

Edinburgh castle is just amazing!

We were in Edinburgh during their arts festival.
Gothinc Cathedral in Glasgow.  Cathedral design and architecture is stunning!

Inside the cathedral.

Stained glass windows.  If I were designing a house I think I’d have one gorgeous stained glass window somewhere.

We both loved Scotland despite the weather, but Husband was decidedly not happy about how much I enjoyed the wonderful red-haired men with fabulous scottish accents!

Dress 68: Does This Annoy You?

Jacket – Jacob; Sweater – made by my Babcia; Dress – Ruche; Leggings – F21; Boots – Ruche; Bag – Matt by Matt&Nat.

I had a lovely morning to myself of editing photos, catching up on Criminal Minds and just plain old bumming around the house.  In the afternoon we went to Le Scandinave Spa.  It’s beautiful and relaxing place where you can enjoy a sauna, a steam room, outdoor heated pools and cool pools.  You basically sit around for hours in one place or another.

Now, it’s lovely. And Emily finds it very relaxing.  But I’m a very active individual.  I can’t sit still in one place for too long.  I get bored, antsy, fidgety, and then down-right annoying when I have nothing to do.  Needless to say, I kind of annoyed Emily.  Especially when she made me sit in the silent sauna and I got so fidgety that I unconciously started drumming on the boards with my fingers and she had to stop me.

So, though I enjoyed the experience as I’d never done anything like that before, I wouldn’t go back.  To me relaxing is a 10 mile hike, an hour massage, and a good meal.  Or a 10 mile run, followed by the other two.

It was time to head home.  I’ve enjoyed my time away, but I was just as happy to come home, and look at my little girl sleeping sweetly with her cute bum in the air.  I missed her.  I missed them all.

Road Trip : The First Day

The house we’re staying at is stunning.  It’s lavish and spacious and really beautiful. 
Once we got settled we decided it was time to head out and go for a walk.  On the way, we came across a ski-lift that was closed for the off-season and decided to take some shots.

Hilarious shot of Emily trying to get on the chair!

Stunning views from the top of the ski hill.

Emily made dinner.

I was responsible for clean up.
After a lovely meal, we chatted, and played two games : Dutch Blitz and Carcassonne. 
Then it was off to bed.
We’re two wild women I tell ya!

Dress 67: So Far Today’s A Really Nice Day

Sweater – made by my Babcia; Dress – bought in Valencia, Spain; Belt – AE; Boots – Ruche; Earrings – F21

I’m sitting here finishing my coffee as the sun streams in through the windows.  Don’t let that fool you, it’s cold. 

Today, I’ve had a chance to edit photos and finish an episode of Criminal Minds.  So yeah, I’m having a nice morning. 

I thought I’d post these outfit shots that I promised you yesterday. 

More road trip posts to come!

Road Trip : Getting There

I told you I was heading on a short road trip with my best friend.  Well, getting to our destination was quite the adventure…

Emily, my road trip companion.

Emily wanted me to text using her antiquated phone….I had so much trouble.  I’m not used to this dinosaur of a phone!  Get me my android!

Awesome car we saw on the road!

Stopped on the way to see this beautiful spot.

Fabulous house…can I have it??
Emily got us lost…

For the second time that day…

This is what I thought of it…

This is how impressed she was.

Then she saw an intersection that she recognized.


This is what I’m in the car with!
Then Emily decided to walk through the drive-through at Starbucks.
Me: “Emily, do you realize that was a drive-thru?” Emily: “Huh?”  

Finally here!
Somewhere in there she took some phots of my dress.  
But that will be posted later.
To Be Continued…

I’m Over Here Today

I’m over at I Heart My Shoes today doing a guest post on my favorite dress.  
It’s my first guest post.  I’m so excited! 
Check me out!
P.S.  I’m going on a road trip with my BFF!
It’s just overnight, but still that’s my first time away from Baby since my birthday several long months ago.
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