I told you I was heading on a short road trip with my best friend.  Well, getting to our destination was quite the adventure…

Emily, my road trip companion.

Emily wanted me to text using her antiquated phone….I had so much trouble.  I’m not used to this dinosaur of a phone!  Get me my android!

Awesome car we saw on the road!

Stopped on the way to see this beautiful spot.

Fabulous house…can I have it??
Emily got us lost…

For the second time that day…

This is what I thought of it…

This is how impressed she was.

Then she saw an intersection that she recognized.


This is what I’m in the car with!
Then Emily decided to walk through the drive-through at Starbucks.
Me: “Emily, do you realize that was a drive-thru?” Emily: “Huh?”  

Finally here!
Somewhere in there she took some phots of my dress.  
But that will be posted later.
To Be Continued…