It’s raining today.  It’s not fun.  In the night the wind howled and shook everything so much that we checked online in the middle of the night to see whether there was a tornado warning.  Husband got scared awake a few times in the night, we both did.  So this miserable weather got me thinking of when we were in Scotland.  It rained the enitre time.  Yes, I know that’s the climate, but I thought we’d get at least one day of good weather.

Edinburgh castle is just amazing!

We were in Edinburgh during their arts festival.
Gothinc Cathedral in Glasgow.  Cathedral design and architecture is stunning!

Inside the cathedral.

Stained glass windows.  If I were designing a house I think I’d have one gorgeous stained glass window somewhere.

We both loved Scotland despite the weather, but Husband was decidedly not happy about how much I enjoyed the wonderful red-haired men with fabulous scottish accents!