Dress 66: A Dress You Can Bike In

I’ve decided to grow out my bangs after all.  Don’t worry though, I’ll keep plenty of layers.

Close-up of the scarf and necklace I wore.
Jacket – Jacob; Scarf – Ruche; Dress – Ruche; Tights – Hue; Loafers – AE

Today I had an audition, and faced with the choice of either riding the TTC for 40 minutes or biking for 15, I chose the later.  But I still wanted to look cute.  So today’s outfit was put together because of the practicalities of biking.  I needed thick tights to protect my pasty legs from the cold and also make sure my derriere was completely covered should a gust of wind come along and blow my dress up.  Also, I needed flat comfy shoes…I just can not bike in heels.  If you can, I applaud you.

On a side note, the little owl necklace belonged to my mother.  When I was a teenager I asked her if I could take it, and it has been a favorite of mine ever since.  I’ve always liked owls, especially this one.

True Story:  When one does it, the other has to shove their dirty little mug in too!  

The Afterthoughts Of Motherhood

Scarf – H&M; Top – Smart Set; Jeans – Guess
I’d be lying if I said I got dressed today.  
I didn’t do more than put on a top and a pair of jeans, and wrap a scarf around me as an afterthought.  
I couldn’t even be bothered to put on make-up.  
Okay, that’s a lie: I put on under-eye concealer.  
No one needs to see those bags!
Working an on-air shift until midnight 
Baby starting to teeth *again*
less than 5 hours of interrupted sleep.
Aahh…the joys of motherhood.
*sarcasm fully intended*

Dress 65: Why Don’t We All Just Relax?

Baby was making funny faces at me off camera and it cracked me up!  Oh, and if you follow me on facebook, this is the dress that got me weird looks on the bus…I still don’t know why.

Cardi – Old Navy; Belt – AE; Dress – Guess; Boots – Ruche; Ring – Spotted Moth

I don’t usually comment on certain private events, but something has been on my mind of late.  I know this woman as an acquaintance *we run in vaguely overlapping social circles* and, since we know similar people, we were facebook ‘friends.’  Now this woman is a lovely person, but she has a tendency to say outrageous and sometimes offensive remarks/status updates.  Normally this is fine.  I’m not one to censor anyone.  Everyone has a right to say what they think regardless of what I may personally feel on the subject.  But it is not necessarily everyone’s right for me to listen to them.

Anyway, as every new Mom knows, the first four months of your baby’s life are rough on you mentally, physically, emotionally, and relationally.  I was going through this upheaval and isolation of new motherhood and used facebook to connect with friends and escape a little over my morning coffee.  I needed the respite from the turmoil and chaos that was the transition time.

During this fragile time, her outrageous and meant-to-be-entertaining remarks would make me really upset.  Though they were not directed at me, I was hurt by them.  So rather than say something that wasn’t my right to say, I simply ‘unfriended’ her.  Not too long ago we ran into each other at a social function, and she was rather cold – barely saying ‘hello’ and not making any eye contact.

Why  do I mention this?

Well, simply because I think we could all show a little more compassion to one another.  I think we could all benefit from watching what we say, and from taking things a little too personally.  Also, I think there is so much drama in the world already, that there really is no need to create more in our personal lives.

Live and let live.

True Story:  It still amazes me that I grew this beautiful little creature that is currently destroying my DVDs.

Dress 64: Being Transported Back In Time And Space

Blazer – F21; Dress – from Barcelona, Spain; Leggings – F21; Boots – First

I was saving this dress for just the right time.  See, when I started this challenge, I said I would wear everything once and not repeat until it was all worn, and this dress is my absolute favorite, so I had to choose the right time to wear it since I could only wear it once. And I wore it to celebrate Husband’s birthday. *he’s turning thirty and having a mini-meltdown about it*

Here’s why it’s my favorite:  It’s got a great pattern, bright colors, an incredibly soft material, and a little ruffle detail that adds just a touch of the flirty and feminine.  But it transports me back to Spain each time I wear it.  I saw this dress in a store in Barcelona a few years ago.  I immediately fell in move and bought it.  It has gone with me to many Spanish beaches, dinners and pubs.  It has been with me through the creation of many wonderful memories.  So I love to wear it for a very nostalgic reason  and sentimental reason.  Do you have a piece like that? 

By the way, I’d like to thank all my readers.  You’ve managed to hit 3 all time highs in the last week.  Next goal: 500 views per day. I appreciate your help in spreading the word about my humble blog!  Thanks so much!

Random Sundays: Part Two – A Hodge-Podge Of A Day

Baby was so cute playing and babbling in her crib first thing this morning!
Here it is, part two of this week’s Random Sunday post.  

This morning my Mom and I went to get haircuts.  I have been going to Tanya for years.  Not only is she beautiful, cool, and super nice, but she’s an amazing hairstylist to boot!  *I realize I should’ve taken a better photo of the fabulous lady in question, but alas, I did not*  I started going to her many moons ago, and have followed her everywhere.  I kept telling my Mom to go see her for about a year, and when she finally went she fell in love and has not gone anywhere else since.  These days she works out of her home, located in Mississauga.  So if you’re in the GTA and need a great stylist, email me…I’ll give you her number. 

My Mom getting her hair washed by Tanya.
 And since I said I was getting a haircut, here it is:

Ta Da!

*you’re getting a sneak peek at the dress post I’ll be doing tomorrow*

Once home,  Husband and I headed out for his birthday lunch while my Mom and Babcia watched the little munchkin.   He had wanted to go for sushi, but it was closed; so we went to a ‘European’ restaurant, which was really just Polish food.  If I had wanted that, I would’ve stayed home.  But no, seriously, it was yummy.
Since he considers himself and honorary Pole by marriage, he had to get a Polish beer with lunch.
Then it was dessert at the local organic coffee roastery.
The day was topped off with playing with Baby, a walk, and now it’s time for some herbal tea.  
I know, we’re wild!
And that’s our Sunday. Goodnight.  See y’all tomorrow!

Random Sundays: Part One – Out For A Walk

Cardi – H&M; Shirt – thrifted; Jeans – AE; Belt – thrifted; Choes – Thrifted; Sunglasses – F21

Remember how I said yesterday was a beautiful day?  Well, the whole family went for a walk around the pond.  It was amazing to walk around in the warm sunshine after a long winter of cold-and-dreary.

I changed after my run into a great walking outfit.  Boyfriend jeans and a cardigan.  And of course a funky t-shirt. I have a lot of those.

I managed to nab the cutest photo of my family when we got home:

Today’s post is simply too big for one go, so I’ve divided it up to two parts. 
Stay tuned for part two, coming up later. 

Dress 63: I Really Do Get Easily Distracted By Food

A nice shot of the dress.
A detailed shot of the cardigan

Hat – Ruche (similar); Dress – Ruche (similar); Cardi – Nick&Mo; Jacket – Smart Set; Tights – Hue; Loafers – AE

What a beautiful day!  The sun was out and it was so warm.  The whole world just suddenly got happy.  Baby and I went out for storytime and I had a delicious sandwich.  You don’t understand, it was delicious! I love me some good food.   Moving on: I don’t know why, but storytime was empty.  So Baby got a private reading of two books.  Granted she was more interested in the toddlers and kids running around instead of the book, but what can you do?

Right now, Husband is roasting a chicken for dinner.  I can smell it.  Mmmmm…..chicken.

It’s very distracting. 

Must. Focus.  Mention.  Dress.

I have to say that what I love about this dress is that it’s a girlie lace dress, but the bold blue prevents it from becoming too girlie-girlie, or grandma-esque.  And it is so easy to wear.  The cut is flattering for anyone, the fabric is very forgiving, and it’s very comfortable.  You really can’t go wrong with it.

True Story:  Baby is constantly grinding her teeth!!  I guess she loves the sound??  I don’t know how to make her stop.  But I keep telling her that those are my teeth!  I made them.  I grew them.  She’s not allowed to destroy them!  Now, why can’t she just understand that???

Dress 62: ‘Queen of Baby Humor’ Pleased To Meet You

See?  Drake the Dog has to get in every shot!

Cardigan – Kische; Shirt – swap; Dress – AE; Leggings – F21; Boots – somewhere in NYC

I was feeling a little quirky and goofy when I got dressed today.  I wanted something a little odd, and I’m quite pleased with the result.  Mixing a button up with a summer casual dress like this felt weird, but when I put it on, I was pleasantly surprised that it just seemed to work.  I love little surprises like that.

Okay, seriously,  I have the cutest baby in the world.  I know every mom thinks that, but seriously, she’s cute.  Today, she giggled for half an hour!  Why?  Because first I was kissing her hand while she sucked her thumb, and then I was kissing her feet.  Hilarious!  Apparently.  Who knew I was the queen of baby stand-up?

Explains why I’m not funny amoung adults, wrong audience for my humor.
I need to work on a younger crowd. 
Diapers, that’s my niche.
And not geriatric diapers….although….

Dress 61: Playing With Patterns

Cardi – Costa Blanca; Dress – Ruche; Tights – from Poland; Boots – Ruche

I promised you I would do better today.  And I think I have.  Just the fact that I got dressed in clean clothes today….ha!

I’ve stopped asking whether I should trash, stash, or save.  ‘Cause frankly, I can’t bear to part with any of them.  But your opinion is always welcome if you see one that is just a big ‘NO’. Please do let me know.  We all need that honest person to come up and say, “Honey, that’s not doin’ it today, you know?”   At least, I appreciate such blunt honesty.

I’m loving mixing patterns right now.  I used to be so scared of it, for fear of getting it wrong, but now I’m just having fun with it and playing.  And it is so much fun to play!

Oh, and I’m going for a haircut on Sunday.  Time to clean this mess up!

Pajamas And Dirty Shirts…I’m Such A Fraud!

T-shirt – Reserved.

Dolman – F21; Jeans – Guess.

All right, confession time.  I did not get dressed today. 

Well no, that’s a lie.  I did get dressed, technically speaking, just not very well. 

Jeans and a top.  Oh all right…a dirty top.

Here me out!

I was alone with Baby all day.  It was her first day of being well.  It was my sixth day of not sleeping more than two hours at a time.  And we had nowhere to go. 

She spent the day in her pajamas.

I almost spent the day in my pajamas.

I was going to go somewhere with her *which would meant getting dressed* but she decided to sleep right through from the time we would’ve left until about the time we would’ve been home.  So here are some older photos of a day when I did get dressed. 

Sorry.  Tomorrow will be better.

I promise.

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