Here’s what I read this past year:

It’s not as extensive as normal because I was out of commission for a while because of the cancer. I’m sharing it because I like to be accountable, and in case there are any questions about any of the books.

1. Hail Mary by Andy Weir

2. Order of Darkness 4 Phillipa Gregory.

3. The Peripheral by William Gibson

4. The Breach by M.T. Hill

5. Nothing But The Rain by Naomi Salman

6. The Flight of the Aphrodite by S.J. Morden

7. The Last Catastrophe by Allegra Hyde

8. Dog stars by Peter Heller

9. Beacon 23 by Hugh Howey

10. White Horse by Alex Adam’s

11. Everyone Says That at the End of the World by Owen Egerton

12. Tales of the Canadian Apocalypse by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

13. The End of the World Running Club by Adrian J. Walker

14. Pines by Blake Crouch

15. Wayward by Blake Crouch

16. The Tragedy of Brady Sims by Ernest J Gaines

17.  A Most Agreeable Murder by Julia Seales

18. Player One: What is To Become of Us by Douglas Coupland

19. The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff

20. Standing Still by Caro Ramsay

Non -Fiction

1. Making a Psychopath: my journey into seven dangerous minds by Dr. Mark Freestone

2. . Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body: A Marine’e Unbecoming by Lyle Jeremy Rubin

3. The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process by David Berceli

4. Rogue Heroes: The History of the SAS by Ben McIntyre

5. All Things Aside by Iliza Shlesinger

6. Boundless by Ben Greenfield.

7. The Complete Survival Shelters Handbook by Anthonio Akkermans

8. Wilderness Survival by Mark Elbroch and Mike  Pewtherer

9. The Power of Kindness by Piero Ferrucci

10. Survival Hacks by Creek Stewart

11. Making It So by Patrick Stewart

12. Psychopath Free by Jason MacKenzie

13. Body by Breath by Jill Miller