In our fast paced, convenience heavy world, everything is single use and disposable. Which means nothing lasts or is meant to last. And I abhor that.

If nothing lasts then what’s the point? Then we don’t care for/about or appreciate anything. Well, as you know, my own ethos is towards the sustainable and the recycled. If I can get it thrifted, or from a sustainable company, I will. I have clothes I bought decades ago, and have mended meticulously. I like it when things last, and don’t go to the landfill.

Which is why Jord (pronounced Yode) watches appealed to me. They’re made from largely re-claimed materials and made to last. The wood is acquired ethically, and some comes from naturally fallen trees, and exotic woods come from furniture pieces. The idea of a unique wood watch appealed to me a great deal, since wood has a warm quality and a quality that makes me feel connected to the earth. It’s one of those pieces you’ll keep with you throughout all your memory making adventures.

I’m going to talk some more, but if you just want to scroll down to win, go do that now. I don’t mind.

The big bold design, balanced by the neutral colors, was exactly what I was looking for. I like my accessories to be multi-use, to be able to be styled with many different outfits, but of course, I want them to stand out as well. And as someone who likes to put away her phone, the ability to check time without reaching for my distraction device is greatly appreciated. Hence, these women’s watches are grand.

So, enough about me and my watch. How about we get to you and your watch? Want to win a $100 gift card to Jord? Enter and I wish you memory making joy!

Wooden Wrist Watch