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Ana Luisa Timeless Jewelry Giveaway

Who doesn’t love a good piece of jewelry? But do you know the cost of yours?

Compendium of Beauty Advice

Don’t ask me for beauty advice.

Everyday Modern Watch – Giveaway

In our fast paced, convenience heavy world, everything is single use and disposable. Which means nothing lasts or is meant to last. And I abhor that.

Oshawa Center Holiday *Giveaway!*

The holidays are here. And I have to say, that even though I love giving gifts, I’m not usually one who enjoys shopping.

Help A Child, Win A Prize

 I’m teaming up with Cody K to help make Christmas better for at least one child.  It’s all about small steps.  Read her words below:

“Many people are having a hard time this Christmas and a relying on programs to help parents give their children gifts. Many programs like the Angel Tree. Angel Trees are usually found in major chain grocery stores and hold slips of paper with names of children who range from all ages. I adopted one several years ago and I was really happy to give back. This year James and I have decided to give back by adopting an angel tree. While although we have enough to sponsor a child, usually the child has a wish for a bigger ticket item like a gameboy or ipod. Unfortunately, James and I can’t afford those items but would love to be able to give it. This is where I ask for your help.

Below is a giveaway filled with goodies for ONE winner. Inside the giveaway is an option to donate. No matter the amount you are automatically entered for more entries. The money from the donate will go 100% to help get the big ticket item for the child. I hope to not only raise enough for this child’s big ticket item but also for another child too! Help me get there.”


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And don’t forget to donate!

Happy Thanksgiving *And a Giveaway!*

 Dress – ModCloth  //  Tights – HUE  //  Shoes – Town Shoes  //  Necklace c/o This Enchanted Pixie

For all of us Canucks, Happy Thanksgiving!!  For all the Americans, Happy Columbus Day!  And for everyone us, Happy ModaMama Giveaway day!

 Lena  //  Areeba  //  Joanna

These two lovely ladies and I decided to band together and host a fun group giveaway.  This one’s  got gift cards, ad space and design credit.  Let’s show ’em some love and get the chance to win great stuff in return!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Albion Fit Review and Giveaway

If you know anything about me it’s this:  I have none to very little cool workout wear.  I spent my early years playing soccer and dancing *uniforms and leotards* then spent more years training in Kung Fu *more uniforms*  So basically, I own uniforms and sports bras.  Even when I started running and going to a gym regularly, in between all the other stuff, I just did it in old shirts, and old uniforms.  The only thing I ever had swanky was good running shoes.

Enter a company like Albion Fit, a women’s fitness and swimwear line, featuring a great selection of workout clothing.  We decided to team up and collaborate on a fun post and giveaway. I chose these funky cool pants because I wanted something fitted and short.  All my Kung Fu stuff has been loose – think designed for men and made big –  and I loved the idea of having something, well for lack of a better term, girlie.  I can see myself wearing these in training, as well as running, and they would really work if I ever entered a *gasp* yoga class.  *Side note:  I don’t do yoga unless I want to take a nap. It’s not made for me. I get bored and end up really needing to punch something*

Love these pants guys.  They’re comfy and functional and yes, they make me feel all feminine and cute.  They also feel like they can take a bit of a beating, which of course they will.

The top I was loving from the get go on the website: loose, comfy and with thumb-holes!  Can’t tell you how much I adore thumb holes in my workout wear.  I have a hoodie with thumb holes and I love it for riding my bike and for generally being outside – they keep my hands warmer.  Just like I imagine this top will.  And for running and training I like the fact that my sleeves won’t be flopping around.  They’ll stay in one place.

But I have to say that the best thing was when the items arrived.  They were even cuter and nicer then they looked on the site!  The top is so much more vivid in really life than in the pictures, and it fits exactly as I imagined.  The one thing I can’t do justice in pictures though, is just how incredibly soft the shirt is.  It’s like gentle, fluffy jersey floating over my skin.  Luxury workout wear.  I’m telling you I almost don’t want to ever sweat in this top it’s that nice.

But enough about me and how much I like it.  I know you want to feel it for yourself right?  Well, guess what guys?  Albion Fit is offering a Go Long Crew of your very own to one lucky ModaMama reader.  That’s right, you can get one in Jade, Grape, Fuchsia, Pool, Rust, Ivory, Heather Grey, or Black.   Just enter using the widget after the jump.

If however, you can’t wait that long, Albion Fit is offering an exclusive discount code for ModaMama readers of $15 off and purchase over $50 or more, just enter the code “modamama15” at checkout.  I’d say that’s pretty cool!   *discount code expires on May 12th so hurry and get your good stuff now*

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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