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Toronto in the Winter

It’s gray and gloomy and mixed with humidity.

To the Dogs

Well, it’s all going to the dogs.


They say that you’re not alone in your struggles.

Slip Ups Happen

You’re doing your best; examining your behaviors, checking yourself, putting in safeguards, but then you buy something you didn’t mean to. Maybe you slipped emotionally, or fiscally. Whatever it happens.


“You don’t need enemies.”


You know that moment when you say something and suddenly the room goes quiet?

Moving Immigrant Game

And now I’m the immigrant, whose family moved continents as a child, then moved several times here, until I finally moved out on my own….

A Bunch of Skinny Trees

I know this is going to sound weird….

Train Wreck

Yup. Sometimes you just gotta own it.

Grunge Girl Never Dies

When you’re a ’90s girl….

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