Most people have a problem with Mondays…

…but I don’t. I love Mondays. Fresh start. Fresh hustle. Fresh week. Also, my girl goes back to school, usually Andrew works, so I have the house to myself and can get some valuable quiet for my introverted self. Also, I can get the house in order after the craziness of the weekend.

But Tuesdays. Ugh dreaded Tuesdays. They are usually a slog. Yes, mostly because I’m usually out late on Mondays and so the following day am not interested in the revolution of our planet on it’s axis. But also, some shitty things happen on Tuesdays.

It’s usually the day that things break, that things fail, that just go awry. It’s not huge, but it’s usually a ‘death by a thousand paper cuts’ kind of day. True, it may be due to my sleeplessness – but I doubt that I’m the butterfly flapping it’s wings and causing random shit to breakdown and go awry.

So Tuesdays, I hunker down with a coffee, a comfy sweater and just watch the sun go by with as little interaction as necessary. And that, in itself, is kind of a respite.

Dress – Cupcakes and Cashmere via a hand me down
Sweater – crocheted by me
Socks – Simons
Boots – Locale
Hat – thrifted from Gypsy Found Objects