“Human experience is often a misleading guide to the true nature of ┬áreality. Lying just below the surface of the everyday is a world we hardly understand.” – Brian Greene, The Fabric of the Cosmos

Though he speaks of science, and the wonderous reality that is the subatomic field, he really hits a nail on the head in our general reality. Our views, our memories, are all shaped by our subjective experience. Think about it – eye witness accounts never match up. People have varying memories of a relationship. It’s all subjective. Our own human experience is a misleading guide. We’re not distant enough to be objective because our hearts and souls are so intricately involved in experience.

All we can really aim for is to be cognizant of our own follies, of our own biases, and our own perspectives. Once we know that, well, we can probably achieve greater impartiality. Though that may not always be pleasant, it may help us gain new perspectives, and see better how our actions may have been improved.

Yeah, I know, I promised you sarcasm.
I blame the brandy. Makes me pensive.






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