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Happy New Year!

Did you know that if you were born in the 1980s….

Portrait of an Introvert Going to a Party

We party….

Queen Embroidery

I wanted to see if I could, so I did.

Those Friends

Bless those friends….


The leaves are turning, as is the weather. I can feel it. I was walking recently and felt the all too familiar shiver and goosebumps on my skin. Winter will be here soon.

Never the Parisian

Reasons I could never be a ‘Parisian Chic’ Woman:

29 Rooms

The travelling art installation came to Toronto.

Crystal Beach

After a much earned meal, a visit to the beach was a must.

Purposeless Sex

Henry Rollins wrote a story about a couple having sex that is interrupted when she answers the phone. He wrote this moment:


The city of Kingston in Ontario is so pretty. It’s managed to protect a lot of it’s historical buildings and character.

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