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Kids and Dogs

Why is it that Kids and Dogs only want Mamas when they’re sick?

Those Friends

Bless those friends….


Learn whatever lesson comes your way.

Genuine Versus Fake Emotions at the Theatre

Recently, I went to a play. *Not going to say which one, I’m not a TOTAL s**t, despite what you might think* And I sat at the back and watched the actors until I got bored.

Brunch, Coffee, and Watch

A day spent catching up over brunch….

Thoughts on Positivity

Positivity does not equal banality.

Who’s the Problem? And Other Thoughts On Conformity

I wore this on a day I hung out with a friend, and had drinks with some girlfriend’s in the evening.

Just Hiding Over Here

After hiding out inside as much as possible, going out for a walk around the neighborhood and to the coffee shop seems like a grand adventure.

Everything Changes

Whether we want it to or not… and you know what I mean.

Fictional Rocks Off

I’m the worst to watch a show with.

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