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Dresses in the Woods

“You wore a dress to the woods,” she said shaking her head at me.

Our Planet, No Planet B

Yeah, that show “Our Planet” on Netflix from the creators of Earth. I’ve been watching it.

Little Kid or Little Old Lady

When Winter comes, it comes with a vengeance.

Everything Changes

Whether we want it to or not… and you know what I mean.

I’m Cyclops, or How My Mom Look Works on Other Kids

I was waiting in line one day. In a public space, bank shop, I forget.

Back To School, It Brings More Projects

Well, it’s full into the swing of school.

Sauble Falls

The way home was different…literally. We took a different route, stopping at Sauble Falls and Sauble Beach. 

Easy Summer

Tie up your wide leg pants, pop your hair into milkmaid braids, and head out.

Boho Green thumb *not really*

A trip to our local Plant World. I didn’t need a lot this year,

Make Friends with Your Demons

I f**k up like mad. My demons are my friends.

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