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Purposeless Sex

Henry Rollins wrote a story about a couple having sex that is interrupted when she answers the phone. He wrote this moment:

Sartorial Broken Record

Oh my gosh, I know, I’m like a sartorial broken record.

Leather Nerd: Wearing Leather Pants with Star Wars

Every Winter, no matter how mild the Winter, there’s this anticipation.

Don’t Compare

A girlfriend of mine recently got very upset after reading one of her favorite blogs.

Other Days

Some days I like to chat with people and share, and have boundless laughs and energy.

A Simple Day

Sometimes a simple day is what you need.

Honest Straight Shooter


I don’t like it when I think too much about others expectations of me.
It’s a trap! *and I said that like in Star Wars, by the way*
But you know, sometimes I fall into it as well. I become a little too preoccupied with playing the game, or behaving how others expect  me too. And then I get frustrated and grumpy.

It takes a while, but usually I figure out why this is. Then I have to right the train.
Now I’m not talking major things here. Just little things. But still, they add up.

It’s usually a matter of a few honest conversations – no biggie. Nothing earth shattering, or life changing, just a matter of, “Hey, this is where I’m at and this is what I think.”

Because to be fair. I’m a straight shooter. Mostly because I have neither the energy, nor the inclination, to be anything but.

Anything else feels inauthentic.




Dress – Spell Designs  //  Jacket – F21  //  Necklace – gift from Poland  //  Boots – thrifted

Antithesis in All Black


I did some work on the T.O. Webfest for the awards, and I had to be on stage for the whole show. So I was told to ‘wear black.’ Which y’all know is not something I do often. But when given the directive to wear black, I went with it wearing all black.

Black pleather. I was the Vana White antithesis sartorially speaking.






Dress – Zara  //  Jacket – Le Chateau  //  Bag – hand me down  //  Boots – Aldo  //  Sunnies – F21  // Earrings – I forget *old*

*linking up with Style Sessions*

It’s All About Interest




Jacket & Shirt – UO  //  Fedora – ThreadSence  //  Pants – Zara  // Boots – Aldo  //  Earrings & rings – I forget *old*

Sometimes, rarely, I do enjoy wearing an all black ensemble.  But whenever I do monochrome, I love playing with textures upon textures.  Sequins, wool, fur, and pleather….did I miss anything?

It’s just interest I guess.  I love to see some interest in clothing. When there’s textures, or colors, there’s interest, feeling, and a sense of that individual’s attitude for the eve.  I don’t presume to encourage people to judge by the cover, but it’s fun to say something about your state of mind at this particular moment.

Mine was all about the party.

Speaking of Animals and Maxis…




Leopard Maxi Skirt – Mink Pink  //  Sweater – Guess  //  Jacket – Le Chateau  //  Boots – Aldo  //  Leaf Necklace – F21  //  Eagle Necklace & Rings – I forget *old*

….how about bringing it all together?   The previous post was about maxis, and the one before that was about faux fur, somehow it feels like the perfect third part to bring maxis and faux animal into one outfit and one post, with this maxi leopard print skirt.

You would think genius like this is pre-planned, but you’d be wrong.  Yup, this three parter is brought to you entirely by happenstance and the weird, idiosyncratic workings of my mind.  I mean, er, yeah I totally planned this.

Aaaaaand, that’s the end of the genius.
It was very short lived.
Also, debatable if it was actually genius, but we’ll just give me that one, shall we?

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