A girlfriend of mine recently got very upset after reading one of her favorite blogs. Why? Because she confused the perfectly styled pictures and adventures as real life and wondered why her life wasn’t that perfect. People mistake that often. We seem to think that a huge blog is an accurate representation of someone’s life. It isn’t. Especially the blogs that are more fashion magazine inspiration rather than real life dressing. You can’t compare yourself to someone who’s getting perfectly styled, taking amazing shots, and then selling those pieces the next day. It’s clearly not what they wear on a daily basis. You can however, take fashion inspiration from them. And then read the blogs where the people aren’t perfect to get that connection.



I get it though, believe me. I fall victim to the same thing too – just in a different light. I start questioning what I’m doing wrong that my site isn’t as successful. I start questioning my choices, my decisions, and actions. It’s human to self-doubt. It’s times like that, that I step back and take stock. Putting things into perspective. My life isn’t their life. Everyone has their own challenges and I just don’t see theirs. I see the edited life. And comparing myself to someone else is only going to hurt me. Unless, I compare to motivate, to inspire myself. Otherwise, I just need to step away.

And dance. Leather-romper-covet-cardigan-2web


Romper – ThreadSence

Sweater – Covet via Trixie

Boots – ShopSosie

Necklace – Lustre Boutique in Montreal

Rings – Tiffany’s and F21