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This is How We Roll…or How A Toddler Saved Her Dad

Pants –  L’Atiste via Threadsence //  Jacket & Sunnies – F21  //  Shirt – Gap  //  Shoes – Aldo  //  Necklace – c/o Atterley Road
Andrew made a mess of the counter and walked away.  I walked up to said counter, looked at it, and turned to him, “Really?  Is this how we roll in this house?”  From the peanut gallery on the couch came a little girl voice, “No Mama!  I show ya.”
She got on the floor on her back and proceeded to barrel roll down the length of the kitchen saying, “Look!  This is how you roll Mama.  See?” 
I looked at Andrew and said, “You realize she just saved your butt, right?”
Side note:  these palazzo pants are so amazing.  I think other than pleather pants, palazzo pants are my other love.

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Casual Glam with Pleather Pants

Pants, Clutch & Shoes – H&M //  Top – Zara  //  Jacket – F21  //  Bracelet – c/o Atterley Road
Toronto is in the midst of it’s International Film Festival.  That means, screenings and events galore.  My favorite kind of industry or TIFF party is the kind that calls for what I like to call, “casual glam.”  To me that’s when you get dressed up and glamorous up but not in a formal dress kind of way.  I love that I could take out my new pleather pants out for a spin for just such a party.  
I think you’ll be seeing pleather pants a lot from me this season.  I love leather and pleather accents and now they’re everywhere!  Used to be that I would find that single gem semi-annually that had pleather accents.  Id’ snap it up in a second.  And now it’s everywhere.  For a pleather hog like me it’s a veritable wonderland!

p.s.  I tried to do Jon at Evoke Salon proud by recreating the soft waves look he gave me after my recent haircut.  Passable, but there’s no substitute for the pro!

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More Than Aphrodite

Dress – Mango //  Jacket & Belt – F21  //  Necklace – Threadsence  //  Boots – Feet First
Black, textured, and chiffon.  This dress feel like it was made for me.  Something about the loose, drapey quality of it makes me feel like some kind of goddess.  Not that I am one mind you, just feel that way.  Though if I were to be a goddess, I think I would choose to be Artemis – the goddess of wilderness, the hunt, and animals.  More than Aphrodite, which seems to be the one everyone goes for, I love the athleticism and uncontrolled quality of Artemis.  The wild and unpredictable wildness, coupled with the grounded nature of the animal kingdom.  Yeah, I’d go with that.

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The Mask and Me

Jacket – F21  //  Cardi – hand me down  //  Scarf – Street Stand //  Cords – Le Chateau  //  Boots – Feet First
I picked up this amazing piece of artwork from a friend.  She makes them from hand crafted and painted leather.  Let me tell you they are amazing and so beautiful!  They remind me of something from a Venetian masquerade. I’m excited to have this framed piece standing over my desk right now. 
Slowly, ever so slowly I’m starting to amass artwork in my house that has meaning to me.  That’s the most important thing to me, that it says something and reminds me of something.  It’s exciting to see these things displayed around my home and know that each one has a fun story.

On Self-Portraits

Tank – Brandy Melville  //  Pants – don’t remember (no tag)  //  Boots – Cheap shop in Chinatown  //  Necklace – Threadsence  //  Rings – Threadsence, F21 and other Misc
One of my favorite music artists sings, “You ain’t nothin’ special. You’re no more celestial than anyone else.”  That’s something to keep in mind.  Yes, you are one of a kind, but so is everyone else.
That brings me to what I want to say today:  for all you/us bloggers, when taking pictures of yourself just get over it.  You’re not the most *anything* in the world – beautiful, ugly, graceful, awkward, funny, etc etc.  You are just you.  And for your blog/site, your readers want to see you.  Warts, bruises, love handles, scars, smiles, dimples and all.  
So when taking self portraits, just relax, have some fun and get used to seeing your face in all is made up glory and it’s made down normal.  I’ve come to *mostly – flawed remember?* accept that I’m also not the most of *anything*.  So you guys see me made up, but you also see me with a face mask on and you also see me like this:

We’re all flawed and imperfect beings.  But at the same while perfection might be fascinating to look at momentarily, in the long run you’d get either bored or very sad.  Whereas, well, with someone like me, you can think to yourself, “Well, at least I don’t make those faces in public!”  
*Because, come on, I know you make them in private*

MASH For Hard Times

Jacket – F21  //  Top – SammyDress  //  Jeans – Gap  //  Boots – Feet First  //  Necklace – H&M Icon Collection
Have you guys ever seen MASH?  I haven’t, but I’ve been watching it recently from the very beginning and I must say I love it.  The quirky, campy feel of it, especially considering the subject matter, hits a perfect note.  I think it’s especially applicable considering the tragedies that happen all around the world today.  Even in the worst places, and the worst times, joy and humor can be found.  They help us get through it. 
Thinking of you Boston.

State of Mind

Tee & Jeans – Gap //Vest – AE //  Jacket – F21  //  Boots – Feet First  //  Necklace – don’t remember
There are days when all I want is to go into a downtime mode.  That’s when the classic jeans and a tee come into the mix.  It’s when you just want to be casual and low key, and perhaps reflect the calm, serene look of your clothes into your mind, that the classic of jeans and a plain tee never fail. 

Seen And Not Heard

Top – Zara  //  Leggings – Ebay I think?  //  Boots – Feet First  //  Necklace – Kenya via TenThousand Villages

Some days I’m poetic, whereas other days, like today, I’m just downright taciturn.  The ideas in my head refuse to leave and be shared with the universe.  My words and sentences have decided to firmly plant roots inside my brain and never see the light of day.  It’s a day that’s meant to be silently enjoyed and reflected upon, but never discussed.

Quote of Today:
“You never really learn much from hearing yourself speak.” 
– George Clooney

Thank You For Thinking This Is Ugly


Jacket & Belt -F21  //  Top – hand me down  //  Dress – BB Dakota via ModCloth  //  Scarf – Kensie  //  Boots – Aldo
When I saw this dress on ModCloth I immediately fell in love, but on this artist’s budget it just wasn’t happening.  So I waited and hoped for either a big cash boon or a big sale that would allow me to own this gorgeous piece.  Well, the big cash boon didn’t happen, but it seems that this dress wasn’t all that popular since it went on big time sale.  Plus, with an exclusive newsletter discount code, I nabbed it and squealed as it went into the ‘order confirmed’ box.
So thank you to everyone who thought this dress was ugly and for making it less than popular, because I think it’s absolutely perfect and I am over the moon that I nabbed it at pennies on what it was originally priced at.  Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you!  You have have officially made my day.  Kisses and hugs.

What do you wear to cook zucchini with bacon?

Top – WkShp via Threadsence  //  Jacket – F21  //  Tank & Jeans – Gap  //  Boots – Locale

This apparently.  Yup, this – sans the jacket – was the outfit in which I prepared zucchini with bacon and a greens rice bowl.  Yup, the cooking continues and I think if I have to do it, at least I’ll look good.  Maybe I’ll even distract you from the food by my cute outfit?
Here’s hoping.
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