Oh my gosh, I know, I’m like a sartorial broken record. I pick something and it’s that on repeat for a while. In summer it was the long flowing dresses and maxi skirts, now it’s a bodycon dress and leather jacket. Sorry guys!

I think we all tend to do that as humans – repeat something we love – and I’m nothing if not human. So here I go, repeating the same combo.  I do that with food too: find something I love and want to eat it constantly. Right now, my food obsession is Pho. Yeah, so it’s not just in clothing. I’d like to say that this is the end of it, but I took two such dresses on my recent trip, so you’re getting at least two more outfits in this vein in the coming week. Again, sorry.  I swear I’ll mix it up soon.





Dress – Zara
Sweater – Trixie boutique
Jacket – Le Chateau
Boots – Aldo, I think.
Socks – Free People