Henry Rollins wrote a story about a couple having sex that is interrupted when she answers the phone. He wrote this moment:

Meanwhile, you’re getting bored with all this sex business and you start to think of all the stupid shit you’ve done in the past to get laid. You start to feel like a jerk for making such a big deal about something that is admittedly great but not worth some of the idiotic positions you have found yourself in, like this one here. Then your mind starts to drift to the pressing shit that you got together with the girl to temporarily leave behind: taxes, old age, death, your weight, your job, life’s uselessness, and why are we here and is there life on other planets and you have to be at work in six hours.”

I can see his point. Sex for the pure purpose of sex is great. It’s fun and pleasurable. But without something more, without care and affection, and dare I say it, love,….it really is unsustainable.

Top – Locher’s Paris
Skirt – Zara *thrifted*
Shoes – Call It Spring
Bracelet – gift from Poland