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Gratitude Greta






Tiered Dress – Ruche  //  Thermal Top & Thigh High Socks – FreePeople  //  Boots – Aldo  //  Fedora – I forget  //  Jacket – F21  //  Bag – Urban Outfitters  //  Sweater – ThreadSence  // Chevron Necklace – I Forget

 Following up on yesterday’s post.  The mental and emotional journey was staggering over the last month.  I spent a lot of time crying, and feeling sad.  I was terrified that it would be a chronic or long term condition which had me really blue because all I saw were the things that I wouldn’t get to do.  

Then came a point where I suddenly saw my old life (what came before this illness) and what I had, and was incredibly grateful for that.  I had so much life, so much freedom, and so much to be grateful for.  All I wanted was to get back to that.  So once I started to feel better, I was excited that I would get that old life back.

And now, for all intents and purposes, I do.  So that makes me happy.  I have so much freedom to do what I love and have amazing experiences.  But I do feel moments where the old downer thoughts – that I’m not booking enough as an actor or photographer – and the doubts – that I’m not good enough as a person, actor, photographer – try to creep back in.  It’s hard.  We all have a “Negative Nancy” as my naturopath calls her.  And I know we all have our ways of managing her.  I’m just trying to figure out a way to hang on to those feelings of gratitude and appreciation, rather than allowing Negative Nancy a megaphone.

How do you stay grateful?  And what things do you use to keep Negative Nancy at bay?

Freelance Artist Goes Into A Shop




Lace Dress – Ruche  //  Button Up Shirt – Jacob  //  Jacket, Necklace & Sunnies – F21  //  Boots – Aldo //  Thigh High Socks – Free People  //  Bag – UO  

Went into a shop recently.  I got an email notification that the sale items were an extra 50% off that day.  So I walk in and browse the new arrivals, and the lady walks up to me and asks, “Are you looking for something in particular, or are you needing a whole new wardrobe?”

Several things ran through my mind at once.  One, do I look like I need a whole new wardrobe?  Really?  Two, what kind of person goes into a store to buy a whole new wardrobe? That’s not me being a smart ass, that’s me genuinely curious.  I could never afford to do that.  Three, how nice would it be to just walk into a shop and buy a whole new wardrobe, complete with fully crafted outfits.  And finally, four, bless you for thinking that I can afford to just go in and buy a whole new wardrobe!  Freelance artist here – just point me to that extra 50% off sale section.

I answered, “No.  Just having a look around.”  Yeah, for that sale section.

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My Baby’s On The Road



Pleated Maxi Skirt – Mango  //  Embroidered Shirt – Lucky Brand  //  Jacket & Sunnies – F21  //  Belt – AE  //  Boots – Aldo

That’s right.  My baby’s back on the road.  It’s finally warm enough that I can pull out my bike again.  I am beyond excited.  I love the fact that I can now travel a bit more freely, and get places quicker.  And also excited by the new photo places it opens up to me as well.

It’s been possibly the worst winter here and that first day when the bike gets on the road is a big watershed moment for me.  I love biking around Toronto.   Exercise, books on tape, and the bike on the road.  It’s Spring in Toronto baby!

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Going Poo





Combined Sweater – Vero Moda  //  Pleated Skirt – Esley   //  Tights – F21  //  Boots – Locale  //  Earrings – F21

Baby Girl.  Ugh, we’ve been trying to get her to go poo on the toilet.  Which is a lot harder than it sounds.  She holds onto it.  She will go first thing in the morning before we get her diaper off, or hold it all day and go at night once the diaper is back on.  No budging what so ever.  So after giving up that struggle, we have bought a little bag of chocolate and reward her with a treat when she goes poo on the toilet.

Now she holds it and only goes a little bit at a time.  Getting thrice the number of treats.  She’s a scammer that one.  She’s way smarter than us.

Girl Time At The Tristan Fragrance Launch at Yorkdale


 Brocade faux leather dress – Under Skies via Shopruche  //  Shoes – Clarks  //  Tights – unknown  //  Bracelets – F21 and one was a gift from my Babcia  

Last night, I got to dress up a little and head out to the Tristan fragrance launch.  I thought this cute brocade dress with leather trim on the shoulders was the perfect number to throw on.  Vintage-esque with a hint of edge, and the cut out detail is just perfect.

My hot ‘date’ for the night was a good friend of mine, Monica, and we shopped, browsed and basically just had a blast thanks to our lovely hosts and their delicious cupcakes.  Personally, having been home most of the day struggling between finding time to edit photos on my computer and wrangling a toddler in the midst of a temper tantrum, I more than relished the chance to get out and not have to put a human being into a corner for time out….again.

Needless to say it was a welcome diversion, and the scent is lovely; light, crisp, and fresh.  It’s a scent that makes me think of Spring.  Which is rather bittersweet considering how far, far, away we are from Spring.  Ugh, such a freakin’ tease. 


Cardigan – Gap


You’re Breaking The Law And It’s Serious

Dress – Line & Dot via ModCloth  //  Shirt – F21  //  Necklace – I forgot  //  Boots – Call It Spring  //  Tights – HUE

*This post will be aimed at bloggers specifically. Apologies*

Ignorance is not a legal excuse.  The giveaways we blogger run are legally called sweepstakes.  That’s the category they fall under, and daily I see tweets from bloggers promoting their giveaways and when I visit their site it’s yet another illegal giveaway that could have them facing fines or other legal penalties.  Please I beg you, please become more educated.  If you participate in a group giveaway by donating a prize etc. but didn’t organize it, you are still liable.

I’ll tell you the dead giveaway *pardon the pun* that it is illegal:  mandatory entries.  Legally a sweepstakes can not have purchase necessary entries, and under the law, the requirement of liking/following/leaving a comment  etc. *basically use of your time* constitutes a ‘purchase necessary’ or consideration entry, and that places you in the illegal lottery catergory.  Therefore, if you see mandatory entries, chances are other laws are also being broken.

For instance, in Canada in addition to the no mandatory entries law, you must include a skill testing mathematical question as one of the entries.  That’s why you’ll see on my giveaways the option to enter by answering 5+5=  *or something similar*  It has to be skill testing and it has to be included as part of the no purchase necessary entry options.

Weird, I know, but I’m not here to question the law right now, I’m here to plead with you to please educate yourself because a blog and giveaway is not worth getting fined or facing fraud charges.  Please, please, educate yourself as to the laws and the the risks you face.

It took me a few months of research and education to become confident enough to start offering sweepstakes on my site again.  Being educated makes me know that I’m not going to faces charges because of my blog.

Please read your federal laws. 

*Update:  Upon further investigation, I’ve learned that anyone who enters these giveaways runs the risk of facing illegal gambling charges!*

Out With Sexton

Dress – Zara  //  Tights – HUE  //  Boots – Walmart  //  Scarf – c/o Sexton in the City  //  Earrings – F21
 Told you I can’t get enough of pleather; so, this was the perfect LBD for me.  This leopard print scarf was a fun way to add a little bit of something to the whole affair without being too colorful.  Plus, hey, who doesn’t love leopard? I know.  Years ago I wouldn’t have ever worn leopard, now I’m kind of loving it.  People change, styles evolve though. 
What I really enjoyed was the make-up.  Natalie is a make up artist I’ve known for years.  Recently, she launched her own make up line and opened a boutique called Sexton in the City.  She’s done my hair and make-up for television quite a few times, so I have faith in her abilities.  That’s why when she suggested sending me a few items to try I just said, “You pick them.”

What came kind of surprised me. Coral and orangey and bright bright pink.  Honestly, these are not the colors I would’ve ever picked for myself.  But like I said, I trust the woman, plus they go really fantastically with the scarf she sent me too.  So I put together a simple and natural look using everything except the pink ‘Oh Jessie’ glaze. *That’s for another night*

I was surprised yet again.  She had chosen really great colors for me. I should’ve known better than to doubt when I opened the box.   I loved the orangey/coral blush *and the name, ‘orgasmic’!* and the Huetopia lipgloss.  It’s hard to tell in the photos because I don’t like to wear too much and therefore it doesn’t show up all that well, but the blush gave me a wonderful subtle glow.  

The gloss is a bit thick for my everyday preferences, but for a night out like this it was great because it lasted all night with only one touch up.  The neutral shimmer eyeshadows in Beige Mist and Hot Pants were just enough color without making it seem too obvious as, like I mentioned earlier, I don’t like to go too crazy with make up.

I will say, and here’s where it becomes really apparent that I rely on others for my make up, that the mascara curved applicator took me a bit to figure out.  But once I did I really liked how easily it went on and how it made my lashes pop without bulk. 

 I’ll be reaching for all of these frequently.  Especially since I have nothing else like it in my collection.  Now, I’m kind of wanting to get the Russian Red and Diva lipsticks.  Hmmm….

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Yup, That’s What I’m Gonna Do

Jacket & Top – Le Chateau  //  Pants – Gap  // Boots – Call It Spring  //  Necklace & Hat – Threadsence //  Scarf – street stand  //  Sunnies – F21
Wear hats and sunnies in the Autumn.  Clearly I’m so sun phobic that given the chance to wear a wide brim felt fedora I’m going to take it.  This was the morning we headed over to the grandparents before I headed out to the last day on set this month for the feature film, Synchronicity.    Knowing I was going to be on set outside for a lot of the day played into the sun-phobic outfit.  
And of course the second I started taking pictures, baby girl had to get in there to join me for them.  The best part was that she started posing for them.  Copying the moves she’s seen me make, and telling me how to stand.

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Cover Your Butt..Or How To Wear Leggings

Jacket -Le Chateau  //  Top – Vero Moda  //  Hat – Aldo  //  Sunnies – F21  //  Leggings  – H&M  //  Boots – Call It Spring

It seems that women *the teens and early twenties variety especially* seem to forget that leggings are not pants.  They are leggings.  A hybrid between tights and pants.  Therefore you should always remember one thing:  cover your ass!  Ladies, regardless of how nice or well scuplted you deem your derriere, please cover it when wearing leggings.

Too many a time have I walked behind a young woman on the metro and seen the exact shade and shape of her underwear through the bum she presented to me underneath her leggings.  It’s not a view I particularly enjoy with my morning coffee.  I don’t want to see it, and while there are some who do, please for the sake of the rest of us keep it off the public metro and streets by just doing me one little favor:  cover your butt.

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Night Shoot with Leopard

Jacket – Le Chateau  //  Top – Mink Pink  //  Tank – Gap  //  Necklace – I forget.  //  Pants – Lululemon  //  Boots – Call It Spring. 

A friend of mine asked about this top when I wore it.  I told her that I’d worn it several times but each time forgot to take pictures.  So when I headed out for the evening I tried to play around with a bit of a night shoot.  But wouldn’t you know it I forgot to change the batteries on my external flash.  So it was a bit of a scramble to try to find some practical light to use.

But hey, I was determined to finally get this top on the site.  And finally I managed it….sorta.

Hope you’re all having a great time today.  I’m on set all this week for Synchronicity, so check me out on Instagram for some BTS shots.  

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