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Cardi – Esprit; Dress – Ruche (sold out); Tights – Walmart; Boots – Locale; Bag – Matt by Matt&Nat; Belt – ??.

I don’t like getting older. In fact,  I hate the prospect.  I know I should embrace it, yadda, yadda, yadda, but I don’t want to get older.  I don’t want to get wrinkles.  I don’t want grey hair.  I don’t want to have to harness my boobs to keep them up. Etc. Etc. When I do, I’ll deal with it and try to age gracefully, but I don’t want to get older.   I want to have my current mind but go back in time physically to 21…and stay there.

I’m thinking I might have to become an immortal, you know like the Highlander.   And the awesome bonus is that I’d have a reason to always carry a sword!  I’m a big fan of swords; I own and study several kinds.   Plus, there are thousands of ways to accessorize that trench coat he uses to hide the sword, and I could do each and every one of them! 

Yeah, I know.  It’s not going to happen.  I get it.  All I’m saying is, I hate getting older.

And it’s not just the physical.  I hate it because I had a very different picture of what my life would be like right now.  Some of it is better, some of it isn’t.  Some of it is better than I imagine, but some of it is also worse.  I had a lot of things I wanted to achieve by a certain time.  Yes, I can still do a lot of those things, but some I can’t.  Some of them have a time limit, and that’s just how it is.  So I’m trying to somehow accept and embrace the reality of what is and look at all the things still ahead of me. 

But I’m having trouble.  Maybe it’s a character failing, but I really feel like my twenties slipped through my grasp, like I look back and I can’t even remember where they went and why things happened the way they did.

Inappropriate Things I Say

Top – F21; Dress – Lulus; Ring – Spotted Moth; Tights – Hue; Boots – Locale.

Oh goodness gracious my mouth gets me in trouble!  I’m one of those people who just says things, sometimes without thinking.   I say them because I think they’re funny, or true, or odd.  But sometimes I don’t realize what I’m saying until it’s far too late, and I can’t take it back.  I realize an hour afterwards that what I said could be totally interpreted in another way – a mean way, or inappropriate way.  And that’s not where I’m coming from at all.  I don’t mean anyone ill will, unless you’re that idiot on the crowded bus who’s shouting into his cellphone like the person is two football stadiums away. And even then, I don’t wish him ill will….maybe a hemorrhoid or two. But otherwise, I very much believe in live and let live. I just wish my mouth would get on board.

Really.  Please?  Will you just once, co-operate please?

I say stupid things a lot: wise-cracks, smart ass comments, sarcasms, inappropriate examples, dirty jokes, must I go on? Things that I regret or cringe at when I’m trying to fall asleep, and wish I could take back because they were stupid, dumb, embarrassing, TMI, or really just take your pick.  I wish that I could learn to hold my tongue.  I’ve been on this planet a certain number of years, and I still haven’t gotten the hang of it. 

I’m just thankful for the friends I have that have learned to see past this little flaw quirk of mine, and see that I’m fiercely loyal, trustworthy, dependable and well-meaning.  I have and will drop everything if a friend’s in need and be there to support you if you need it.  Just ignore the things I say which might be stupid, dumb, embarrassing, TMI, or really just take your pick.

Quote of Today:
“Take the dinosaur out of your face”

Rising Together

Cardi – Esprit; White top – Smart Set; Ruffle Top – swapped; Jeans – Guess; Boots – Threadsence; Earrings – F21; Belt – AE.

This fun ruffly top is one of my scores from a recent clothing swap.  So much fun!  I love swapping clothes with fabulously fashionably females.  It’s a great chance to hang out and catch up and get some cool clothes for free!  I’m thinking I need to host one in the spring.
I was tweeting about this recently – and dialoging about it on Twitter with some awesome people –  but it’s prevalently on my mind right now: we women need to support one another more.  The circle of women – both in real life and online – that I work with all rise together.  We succeed together by boosting one another.  I think that’s the difference – seeing success as rising together, not getting ahead at the expense of someone else.

Our gender has had it hard enough, and still does.  Shall we not help and encourage one another?

How do you support the women in your life? 

True Story:
Big tub of almond butter + one spoon = one happy baby.

Clothes, Friends, And Food

On me: Top – thrifted; Dress – Ruche; Tights – Hue; Boots – Feet First. On Reggy:  no idea but she looks so cute!

I went to a fun clothing swap today,hosted by none other than the fabulous, Miss Reggy!  She had some lovely treats to eat and in between snacking and chatting we got to try on some fun clothes.  I brought three garbage bags worth of clothes and I’m happy to say that many items found themselves a lovely new home! Myself, I walked away with three pieces: a sweater, a vest, and a top.  Stay tuned for outfit posts featuring those items! 

p.s. why is it that I’m always giggling in my pics?  I’m that person in the group shot that’s laughing while everyone else is looking all cool and glamorous *le sigh*

Quote of Today:
“You wax your chest.  How far does that go?”

Running While Pregnant

Shirt – thrifted; Cardi – Esprit; Jeans – Gap; Belt – F21; Boots – Threadsence.

 I’m an avid runner.  And I do mean avid.  Before I had the Baby it wasn’t uncommon for me to go for 10k runs up to five days a week.  It’s just something I liked to do.  And when I got pregnant I pretty much continued doing that.  I listened to my body and the days that I felt too tired or not up to it, I cut runs short or skipped them altogether.  And I also did P90X during my pregnancy – everything except the twists, which all the experts agree is not good for you.  And the abs – ’cause once I have a big belly that just wasn’t going to happen!  But I continued this exercise regime pretty much right up until I gave birth.  And then at six weeks post-partum, when I got the medical ‘all-clear,’ I resumed my running regimen gradually starting from 20 minutes and working my way back up.

What frustrated me were the looks of disapproval I got from some people.  The looks that said, “You’re endangering your baby by over exercising.”  I got those looks from a wide-spectrum of people, and I always dismissed them.  I told myself that my doctor and midwife didn’t have a problem with it, and my body seemed to want to continue it so why shouldn’t I? I’m pregnant, not sick.

Today I read this article about a woman who ran/walked a marathon and gave birth shortly after.  She has become infamous, drawing critics from far and wide. We all have different bodies and different capabilities, and where one woman can run a marathon pregnant, another can’t, but as long as both women are healthy, what’s the big whoop?  If you’re healthy and capable and smart, why shouldn’t you do it?  I think what’s more dangerous is the pregnant woman who lays in bed for nine months and takes pregnancy as an excuse to not move and to eat everything in sight regardless of nutrition. But that’s just me.

These days I still run on the treadmill, but I pretty much run all day everyday….after Baby and Drake the Dog.   What did you do during pregnancy?  How did your body feel? What would you change if you were to do it again?

The Last Daily Challenge:
Run.  Whether 10 minutes or 60, just try it. 

The Bravery Of Women

Cardi – Smart Set; Dress – Trashy Diva; Tights – Hue; Shoes – Payless.

 It’s a focus on Kenya, where the rich go to private hospitals with clean floors and the poor go to public hospitals with blood and cockroaches as the stomping ground, in this post on world birth.  According to the article, the country has made absolutely no progress in improving maternal and infant care.  Teenage pregnancy, unsafe abortions, and HIV plague women in this African country.  But what is the worst thing?  The conditions and statistics  mentioned in this article are considered an improvement over a few years ago. 

Every new country that is examined just makes me more and more thankful for the blessedly wonderful conditions I had surrounding my labour: a clean hospital, two midwives and a student, my husband, my mother, and my best friend there to comfort and support me.  I can’t imagine going it alone, afraid to eat the food, or touch anything, and worrying about the possibility of contracting HIV during my labour.  I applaud the bravery of all these women.

p.s. I promised you guys something good when I hit 200 on GFC and I haven’t forgotten.  We’re almost there and I’ll have a good surprise for you all!

Tomorrow’s Daily Challenge:
Call your mama and thank her…for anything.

Bold Blue And Radiant Red

Top – thrifted; Dress & Socks – Ruche (sold out, but available at Modcloth) ; Tights – Hue; Shoes – Clarks; Pinwheel pin – c/o Blue Eyed Owl.

I wanted to wear something fun and innocent today, and for some reason lately I’m reaching for bold blues, or radiant reds, so it was only natural that at some point I would combine the two.  I need to thank the two fabulous make-up artists, Jessica and Francesca, on the set of my recent film shoot *here and here* for showing my that I can indeed where bright red lipstick despite my thinner than desired lips.  Oh and by the way, I’m loving this neutral eye palette I recently got, it goes amazing with everything!  Today I wore Virgin, Sidecar, and Darkhorse.

This royal blue dress has become a beloved item in my closet, and whenever I wear it simply can not resist the urge to wear these gorgeous pins I received from Liz from the Blue Eyed Owl.  It’s like they were made for each other.

p.s.  if you like this look, please go here and ‘like’ it for the world to see.  Thanks!

Tomorrow’s Daily Challenge:
Look at yourself in the mirror, ignore all your “flaws,” and list five features you really like about your physical appearance. 
*if you’re willing to, I’d love to hear what they are in the comments*

A Work In Progress

Cardi, Warmers, and Necklace – Ruche; Jeans – Guess; Shoes – Payless; Shirt – Esprit.

I’m going to talk about world birth, but if you want to read a little bit about me playing check out my guest post over here!

World birth series at the Toronto Star continue with a focus on India.  The article says that India’s public health budget is the lowest in the world, and much of the money that is allocated disappears unaccounted for due to widespread corruption.  Women giving birth in a public hospital are in one room with 60 beds, sometimes sharing a bed, with dirty floors and mold on the walls, and no doctor or nurse in sight.  They just don’t show up about 40% of the time.

On the rise is private health care systems, where the costs are kept low by keeping services simple and by specializing in only three areas.  Doctors are paid on a profit sharing model and it seems to be working.  India is a country where necessity has created  some great inventions – like incubators that cost one tenth of the regular price.  Despite it’s corruption and lack of funding, general life expectancy has grown and the country recognizes the importance of maternal and natal care.

India is one of those places where things are improving, but I want to somehow see it change over night.  I realize that just isn’t possible, but it’s hard to sit and read about dirty and unsafe conditions for women and babes without getting upset.

Tomorrow’s Daily Challenge:
Go through your day without cursing. 
For some this may be easy, for others this may well be near impossible.
You can do it!

What Do We Model?

Top – Ruche; Jeans – Gap; Boots – Threadsence; Necklace & Bird Ring –; Bracelet – F21

 The Toronto Star recently wrote about how your living environment, specifically your neighborhood, plays a determining factor on your kid’s activity level.  Namely, that children in suburban neighborhoods spend more of their day on physical exercise because of the luxury of quiet cul-de-sacs perfect for unsupervised road hockey, roller skating, and skipping. Their urban counterparts spend more time indoors, and have less safe green space in which to play.  Obviously, the major factor are parental role models.  If parents spend time exercising, walking to do errands, and playing sports, their children will value it and tend to do the same.

But it did get me thinking about the ways in which I hope to model living to my baby girl.  I run and workout for stress relief, the endorphins, and cardiovascular health.  And it’s always been important for me.  But I also run only to the point in which I feel satisfied – where I’ve worked my body well but not to the point of exhaustion. I didn’t think about how my attitudes and behavior affect my child because I thought she was still too young for my behavior to have that much of an impact.

I was wrong.

When we go into the bedroom, one of the first things she does is climb all over my treadmill.  She gets on top of the thing and starts to explore, stand, walk, and dance.  It must be because she sees me on it a lot – so she wants to do what Mama does.  And after breakfast, she routinely heads for the sunroom, grabs her jacket and boots and climbs into the stroller ready for our morning walk.  

Finally, she gets so excited for our daily afternoon jaunt down the street to the park and slides she somehow manages to skip despite her unstable gait.  The 5 minute walk takes about 30 when you’re doing it with a wobbly 16 month old, and then the slides, stairs and all the climbing marvels easily swallow another 30 minutes.  The walk home however takes just 6 minutes – me carrying her while she tries to squirm, wriggle, and in every way rebel against me taking her home.

And I have to say I like that.  I like the fact that my baby can only watch sesame street for about 10 minutes in the morning – her attention wanders and she’s out and about exploring something, stacking blocks, moving chairs, and trying to reach Husband’s cell phone.  I like that she has ants in her pants.

And I love the big, scrunched up nose grin when she knows we’re heading out for a walk…without the stroller.

Tomorrow’s Daily Challenge:
Let’s keep the fitness going for another day!  Do 50 crunches and 15 push-ups today (modified push-ups count)

Yesterday I ran for 24 minutes for the daily challenge.  I didn’t want to because I’m a bit run down, but I’m glad I did.  I felt better afterwards.

Everybody say, “Jump! Jump!”

I don’t know why wearing pleats makes it irresistible to jump. 
 But it does.

And twirl.
It’s hard to be serious, when you’re wearing something this fun!
Sweater – swapped; Belt – F21; Dress – Lulus; Tights – Hue; Shoes – Payless.

I’m really getting into red lately.  It’s a color I used to really stay away from.  Not sure why, maybe I just thought it was too bold?  But lately, I’ve been really embracing it.  It’s been a great love affair so far.  So when I won a shopping spree from I knew I just had to get myself a red dress.  The pleats and collar of this one instantly caught my attention!  There’s something very retro about it.  Plus, I love the mix of innocence and elegance.  Of course, it wasn’t the only thing I got, but you’ll just have to wait and see future outfit posts to see the other lovely things I nabbed.  

Tomorrow’s Daily Challenge:
Keeping the theme of jumping, do 20 minutes of cardio today.  Be creative!

Yesterday I was thankful for microwaves – so easy to heat things up, coffee – I just grab a cup, but I remember my parents telling me how scarce and prized it was when they were living in communist Poland, and hot water – a scalding hot shower sometimes just saves my day.
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