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I’m going to talk about world birth, but if you want to read a little bit about me playing check out my guest post over here!

World birth series at the Toronto Star continue with a focus on India.  The article says that India’s public health budget is the lowest in the world, and much of the money that is allocated disappears unaccounted for due to widespread corruption.  Women giving birth in a public hospital are in one room with 60 beds, sometimes sharing a bed, with dirty floors and mold on the walls, and no doctor or nurse in sight.  They just don’t show up about 40% of the time.

On the rise is private health care systems, where the costs are kept low by keeping services simple and by specializing in only three areas.  Doctors are paid on a profit sharing model and it seems to be working.  India is a country where necessity has created  some great inventions – like incubators that cost one tenth of the regular price.  Despite it’s corruption and lack of funding, general life expectancy has grown and the country recognizes the importance of maternal and natal care.

India is one of those places where things are improving, but I want to somehow see it change over night.  I realize that just isn’t possible, but it’s hard to sit and read about dirty and unsafe conditions for women and babes without getting upset.

Tomorrow’s Daily Challenge:
Go through your day without cursing. 
For some this may be easy, for others this may well be near impossible.
You can do it!