Cardi – Esprit; White top – Smart Set; Ruffle Top – swapped; Jeans – Guess; Boots – Threadsence; Earrings – F21; Belt – AE.

This fun ruffly top is one of my scores from a recent clothing swap.  So much fun!  I love swapping clothes with fabulously fashionably females.  It’s a great chance to hang out and catch up and get some cool clothes for free!  I’m thinking I need to host one in the spring.
I was tweeting about this recently – and dialoging about it on Twitter with some awesome people –  but it’s prevalently on my mind right now: we women need to support one another more.  The circle of women – both in real life and online – that I work with all rise together.  We succeed together by boosting one another.  I think that’s the difference – seeing success as rising together, not getting ahead at the expense of someone else.

Our gender has had it hard enough, and still does.  Shall we not help and encourage one another?

How do you support the women in your life? 

True Story:
Big tub of almond butter + one spoon = one happy baby.