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Last Day, Last Post

That last day in Vegas, I woke up with a terrible cold. I mean awful.


After a day of hiking, followed by a nap in a luxurious bed, getting some yummy food and seeing a show seemed like exactly the right way to top off a Vegas weekend.

Red Rock Canyon

It’s aptly named for the shade of it’s rocks, clearly.

The Sun Sets, and Container Park

With the sun starting to go low in the sky, it was time to start the trek back to Vegas.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon West in Arizona is actually on a Native American reservation. So they don’t let you just drive up there willy nilly.

That Bridge and a Fear of Heights

Remember that bridge from the Hoover Dam post? Yeah, so do I.

Hoover Dam

When you have a rental car, and you’re in Vegas there are many day trips at your fingers tips. Some I didn’t get to do

Vegas and the Hat

Right when you get there. The second you’re off the plane, it’s bright and big and colorful. Heck, they’ve even put a big truck right in the airport.  It doesn’t stop, and it’s great. 

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