Right when you get there. The second you’re off the plane, it’s bright and big and colorful. Heck, they’ve even put a big truck right in the airport.  It doesn’t stop, and it’s great. 

Jet lag was no challenge. The fact that I’d been up since 3am was no challenge. And that I hadn’t really slept at all, just tossed and turned was no challenge. I was tired, but also eager to see the place asap. So the walk started. I was so glad that my Mom – who was my companion in mischief on this trip – was up for everything. ‘Cause you know, sometimes people aren’t.

Palms trees, cheesy motels, and cheesier wedding chapels were de rigeur on Las Vegas Blvd. and it was freakin’ fantastic.

The Arts District was full of vintage shops, and consignment shops, that I didn’t go in. I guess it was the sleep deprivation but I didn’t have all my wits or energy about me. In retrospect, I wish I had gone in and rummaged, but at the time it just felt like too much. And hey, you gotta do you right?

I did however have the goal of getting a great hat while in Vegas. And going to the Stratosphere looking for the Hat Company of Las Vegas was the mission for the day. Though I missed out on the vintage shops, I did nab my all time favorite hat – it’s a western hat that looks a bit like a cross between a cowboy hat and something Crocodile Dundee would wear. So yeah, it’s my favorite hat right as of this moment.

The hotel I was staying at was the Downtown Grand – which you know, wasn’t the greatest because when I booked it said complimentary water, parking, and wifi, and then they charged a mandatory ‘resort fee’ that pays for all the things they say is complimentary. Well, it’s not complimentary if I have to pay for it. So yeah, I wasn’t a fan. Further, I didn’t even think to check if in room coffee and tea were provided, or at least a kettle, because everywhere I’ve traveled lately has it, but they didn’t. Which was a bit of a pain in the ass when the coffee shops charge you $5 for a tea, and you can’t have some in the room.  Yes, I know, first world problems, but it’s still those little things that I don’t like – especially being charged for things you say are free.

Anyway, the hotel was right by the Freemont Street experience, and that was also the closest Starbucks/coffee shop we could find. So, there were regular visits there.

Skirt – Auguste via a swap
Tee – UO
Sweater – Smart Set
Boots – Thrifted
Hat – Renegade via Hat Company of Las Vegas