When you have a rental car, and you’re in Vegas there are many day trips at your fingers tips. Some I didn’t get to do – would’ve needed two more days – but you bet that the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon were on the list. And this is a story, to say the least.

Driving to the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, and stopping at all the scenic viewpoints along the way, is a must. The countryside is so different from what we’re used to in Toronto. It’s also crazy to see the water levels since that whole part of the country is experiencing a drought at the moment.

The Hoover Dam is high. I mean high….oh and did I mention that both of us have a fear of heights? Mom’s is more extreme than mine, but still, this made us nervous.

Oh and you see that bridge? Well, it’s a loooot higher than the Hoover Dam and it looks A LOT smaller from far away and in real life. Just remember that please for the next post coming up.

The country and views are seriously stunning. How can you not just pull over, stop, and enjoy the sights? You can’t really. You have to stop.


Hat – Renegade via Hat Company of Las Vegas
Dress – Spell Designs via Southern Hippie
Necklace – Threadsence
Belt – F21
Sunnies – Amazon
Boots – thrifted