After a day of hiking, followed by a nap in a luxurious bed, getting some yummy food and seeing a show seemed like exactly the right way to top off a Vegas weekend. So it was a little bit of food, a fancy drink at Ceasar’s palace, a little gambling, topped off with a great show.

Once I knew I was going to Vegas, of course I had to choose at least one show to see. There’s the biggies, obviously, but I wasn’t too keen on being in a huge stadium. So after a little research I found Absinthe. It’s a Ceasar’s palace show, but it’s outside the main structures. It’s in a large red and white circus tent set up outside. The venue is small, intimate, and set decorated to look like a bohemian/beatnik dive bar serving Absinthe in decades past. The chairs are all mismatched, intentionally so, and even if you’re in the back, you’re not that far away. It’s a little bit cabaret, a little burlesque, lots of acrobatics, and a whole lotta raunchy humor.

I wasn’t one hundred percent sure on how seeing a show that dirty would sit with my Mom, but every time I looked over at her she was right there laughing hard at all of it. It was different, and so much fun! I very much felt transported to another time, and loved the intimacy of the stage.


Dress – Arnhem
Jacket – Danier Leather
Necklace – Etsy
Boots – thrifted