With the sun starting to go low in the sky, it was time to start the trek back to Vegas. It seems that as the shadows grow longer, the countryside only gets more dreamier. What helped the atmosphere was that I had the radio turned to rambling country music. So the twang and the feel was all around me as well. It just seemed fitting.

And yes, I had to go over that damn bridge again. I did it, but it was not at all fun. You can see it below in the distance. Ugh. Afterwards, I had to pull over again to take in the views and breathe.

Once all the adventures of the day were done, walking past the Freemont Experience, down Freemont East Container Park was the entertainment for the evening.  It’s an outdoor mall, with a playground for kids in the center courtyard, all ending at an outdoor stage. The crux is that it’s all made out of shipping containers, pathways, connections, and stores/restaurants are all shipping containers. It’s very cool actually.  That evening all the glittery lights were up, live music was playing, and tons of families were out. I found an artisan beef jerky place that made all sorts of dry rubs, and bought a few little jars to take home to my would-be chef.

When hunger struck, one of the containers claiming to be “Real Mexican food made by real Mexicans” seemed quite busy. It looked kind of fast foodies, but there was something charming about it. I ordered mexican fries. Oh man were they delicious!  refried beans, salsa, veggies, guac, etc. etc. all piled high on top of perfectly seasoned and spicy fries. It was so yummy, and so perfect after a day of driving, walking, sweating like hell from fear, and fresh air.