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Basically Everything For Sale

Everything’s for sale.

Thoughts on Positivity

Positivity does not equal banality.

Encinitas Beach

Ah yes, the beach.

Getting to Bruce Peninsula

A road trip isn’t a road trip without pit stops…

Ode to the Women

Usually, I speak about thoughts or feelings, or – obviously – fashion. I talk about the journeys I’m on, the things I’m struggling with, or the *little bits of* wisdom I have to share. Today is different. 

Just Do

“Ah, life is a gate, a way, a path to Paradise anyway, why not live for fun and joy and love or some sort of girl by a fireside, why not go to your desire and Laugh…” – Kerouac


Patterns and colors. I love them.

How To Dress For a Morning Wedding





Flower Dress – Ruche  //  Shoes – I forget  //  Earrings & Belt – F21

I like the idea of a morning wedding.  You can wear a pretty floral summer dress and not get too crazy with the formal wear.  I always find it a little stressful when I’m expected to get super glammed up, because glam isn’t really my thing and so I feel like I’m lying the whole time.  I much rather prefer that line of pretty but not formal – it allows for a little mess and unkemptness, which is a bit of a staple of mine in life.

 Also, wedges.  Wedges are fabulous especially when the wedding is held in the historic Distillery district which features many a cobblestone streets.

So yes, morning wedding everyone – do it.  It leaves you the whole day to celebrate, eat, and dance.

The Wildflowers Are Dying





Lace Detail Dress –  Nameless *don’t know from where, it’s old* //  Maxi Lace Detail Vest, Leaf Necklace & Sandals – F21  //  Arrow Necklace – ThreadSence  //  Pearl Double Layer Necklace – Ruche  //  Pearl Bracelets – F21  //  Silver cuffs & Silver and Pearl Bracelet – gifts from Poland

The wildflowers are starting to die.  They are drooping and turning that dark shade of brown.  I know this means the end of summer.  The end of that glorious heat which my body craves incessantly.
But I cling to it.
Hoping that enough warm breezes, enough overgrown fields will freeze the moment.  Will keep the seasons from changing, from passing, as they must.

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Running Lanes and Sheds





Embroidered Hi-Low Dress – En Creme via Ruche //  Wool Fedora & Arrow Necklace – Threadsence  //  Sandals & Stone Rings – F21  //  Sunnies – Lace Affair  // Long Necklace – Top Shop  //  Leaf Ring – I forget

While away it was a pure joy to run down this country road.  It was long and hilly with lots of great farms along the way, and I was able to just not think and run while listening to Tina Fey’s Bossypants. Whenever I turned off the main road and saw this tiny little shed, I knew my run was really starting.  It marked the first third of my planned mileage and this is when I felt I could really open up.  On the way back, the shed gave me hope that I was but a mere third from home and yes, I really could do this.  So you see, either way it has some great feelings attached to it already.

I  made a mental note to come back on a walk and take some outfit shots along my favorite country lane and tiny shed.

I’ll miss you.

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