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Oddly Crying “Help Me!”




Maxi Cardgian – Pins & Needles  //  Embroidered Lace Shirt – Free People  //  Jeans – Gap  //  Boots – Aldo  //  Necklace – Lulus  //  Earrings & Bracelets – Old, I forgot

Most mornings, my girl wakes up and walks right up to my bed and wakes me, or stares creepily at me until I wake up *but that’s another story*.  But something very odd has happened three times so far.  She’ll wake up, go downstairs, and cry on the couch.  I’ll here her crying, “Mama?  Mama?!”  and it progresses to, “Someone help me!  Help me!!”  Side note:  I’m not listening to this in some sadistic way, it’s what slowly wakes me up and it’s not until I fully wake up that I realize what’s happening.

Like I said, this has happened three times.  The first two times, I came downstairs and told her that I was sleeping…in my room…in my bed.  So why on these random days does she not look for me there?

I’m very confused.

Red Nosed Winter Boots

long-cardigan-winter-boots-asymetrical-dress - mama-fashion-blogger



Asymmetrical Dress – Threadsence  // Long Cardigan –  Hem&Thread  //  Tights – hansel from basel  //  Socks – UO  //  Bag – Matt by Matt&Nat  //  Boots – Locale  //  Necklace – unknown  //  Rings – Body Blue

Epic fail as a fashion blogger.  That’s what this Winter has caused.  I’m wearing the same warm winter boots in every outfit because that’s the only thing that I can wear without my toes freezing off!  How sad is that?  Plus, my shots – excepting today – are mostly just outside my home as it’s way too cold to travel far for some inspired backgrounds.  And finally, there’s perpetual red nose on me *that I could photoshop away, except that I’d like to stay honest with you guys* from the bitter wind.

I’m sooo way past ready for Spring.  

Have a great weekend.  See ya for more red nosed, winter boot outfits.

Everything Is Malleable

Dress-  Moon Collection via Ruche //  Shirt –  Cotton Candy via Threadsence  //  Boots – Feet First  //  Ring – Spotted moth  //  Bracelet – F21

Nothing is relegated to specific categories in fashion any longer.  Which is why all the ‘rules’ can be broken.  A bridesmaid dress like this one can be worn when running errands around town.  It suits those needs just as well as it suited my needs when I was maid of honor at my best friend’s wedding.  
I think that’s part of the reason I’m starting this new link up.  I want us to show each other, to inspire each other, on the magical and fun ways we can break all the fashion rules and look fabulous doing it.  I love seeing what someone else comes up with and having that spark my imagination.   
*First rule we’re breaking:  no white after labor day.  So style an outfit, post it anywhere – doesn’t have to be a blog – and come back to link up next Thursday! No follows required.*

Night Shoot with Leopard

Jacket – Le Chateau  //  Top – Mink Pink  //  Tank – Gap  //  Necklace – I forget.  //  Pants – Lululemon  //  Boots – Call It Spring. 

A friend of mine asked about this top when I wore it.  I told her that I’d worn it several times but each time forgot to take pictures.  So when I headed out for the evening I tried to play around with a bit of a night shoot.  But wouldn’t you know it I forgot to change the batteries on my external flash.  So it was a bit of a scramble to try to find some practical light to use.

But hey, I was determined to finally get this top on the site.  And finally I managed it….sorta.

Hope you’re all having a great time today.  I’m on set all this week for Synchronicity, so check me out on Instagram for some BTS shots.  


  Sweater – Pink Martini  //  Top – Threadsence  //  Jeans – Gap  //  Boots – Locale  //  Necklace – Ruche  //  Earrings – Ten Thousand Villages
 Today is one of those days where there are so many thoughts swirling about my head that I can’t seem to pick out one in order to focus on it.  I wish I could pluck one out and share it with you.  Instead, all I have for you are these pictures.
p.s.  A couple of you have asked about how to get this hair.  Well, it’s really the result of wearing this Easy Headband Updo in for a whole day.
True Story:  
Baby Girl has decided to help me with my boots the way I help her, by holding them out for me to put my foot into.  
She insists on it and won’t let me do it myself.  
But because she’s two what that really means is I spend 10 minutes hopping around on one leg trying to catch the ever moving boot opening. 

Impulse Control


 Pants – unknown  //  Sweater – Kensie  //  Top – Threadsence  //  Boots – Aldo  //  Hat – made by my Mama
Necklace – Lustre in Montreal  //  Bike Ring – Spotted Moth  //  Knuckle Ring – F21

Do you ever just want to smack someone upside the head?  Honestly, when did that go out of style?  I have at least three good instances in a week where I think someone just plain old deserves a good smack upside the head.  You know, a nice and easy, not too hard, smack just to shake some things around and hopefully uproot the common sense that has been lying dormant in there.  I know, I’m a very cheerful and optimistic person….I’m assuming that they have some common sense to shake up.  

Embracing The Chaos

Skirt – Lovenell  //  Sweater – F21  //  Tights – HUE
Boots – Feet First  //  Necklace – Lustre  //  Scarf – street stand
I’ve given up I think.  The photobombing appears to be here to stay.  Even worse, every time I pull out the camera she finds a spot right in front, turns to me, and says “cheese!”  She thinks it’s all about her.  I guess that’s my fault, what with following her around with a camera since minute one.  So I’ve decided to embrace it rather than fight it.  This is my life, this is my fashion.
I guess it makes sense.  I’m not one of those immaculately put together fashionistas you see on the internet everywhere.  I don’t have every single hair perfectly in place, and I often do have toddler food on my clothes.  So it makes sense that my pictures are just as messy as me.

Quote of Today:
“Ask {Baby Girl}, apparently she can explain boy and girl parts to you.”

Dressember Roundup

Sweater – Old Navy  //  Shirt – hand me down  //  Dress – Lush
Tights & Belt – F21  //  Boots – Locale  //  Necklace – Ruche
One lovely reader mentioned in a comment that she has a belt like this and was looking for more ways to style it.  So here I am trying in my own limited way to help out by styling it again and maybe sparking some new ideas. Also, might I suggest checking out this post where it’s paired with a high waist skirt?  Just trying to help out in my own very small way.  
So Dressember is in full swing.  I invite you to link up your favorite post, or a roundup post, or FB/Twitter/instagram, from this first week of dresses. *but just one please*  I’m excited to see how you fared this first week, so I’ll be visiting all of you.
As always, it’s not required, but I appreciate you grabbing the button and posting it on your site or on your post to help spread the word.  Thanks very much.




Feeling It

Dress – MANGO
Jacket – old with no tag
Boots – Aldo
Sunnies – F21
Eagle Ring – Lulus
Bicycle Ring – Spotted Moth
Necklace – boutique in Montreal
Tights – H&M

Style and fashion is all about how you feel, and your attitude.  It doesn’t matter how gorgeous the clothing or how expensive the accessories.  It’s all in the swagger and the way you carry yourself.  That’s why when looking at these pictures I can’t convey to you that even though this outfit is so fun, exactly what I wanted, and I like it in the pictures, I didn’t like it in person.  That day I was missing the swagger.  The ‘tude eluded me and left me wanting.

That day, I feel the clothes were wearing me.  That’s my fault, not the clothes. My mistake was that I didn’t listen to my feelings and instead went with what I had decided in my head.  I wanted to wear the dress, which I love, but I was stubborn and didn’t pay attention to my gut.

Fashion is feeling.

Quote of Today:
“She’s yelling at Dora.”

Not Angry, Just Wondering

Jacket – old
Shirt – Campus Crew
Dress – Threadsence
Boots – don’t know, they’re about 6 years old. 
Necklace – Lustre in Montreal
I realize now, looking over the pictures, that I look really angry.  I wasn’t and I’m not.  It was just bright out and I was doing a combination of a squint and a wonder if the camera actually went off, since I couldn’t hear it over the traffic.  Yup, not angry, just bright and curious.  
This is really my What-The-Heck-Is-Going-On face. 
Quote of today:
“Why does Dora never have her pants on?”