Positivity does not equal banality.

It isn’t an excuse to be a blind, unthinking “yes” person. That’s just rampant fanaticism – and uncritical thinking. Positivity is about positive change and vibes, but that doesn’t mean you just accept anything you’re given because that’s a sort of delusion and kind of nihilistic. If you really are about positivity, you’re about learning, and challenging, because if you don’t give a f**k about someone, that’s when you say ‘cool’ and move on. When you are about positive change you consider and you add, challenge, and encourage when applicable. Otherwise, it’s just a mouthpiece for mindlessness. And that ain’t cool.

Skirt – Spell Designs
Tee – Urban Outfitters
Shirt – Chi’qle from a store now closed
Necklaces – Raw Eco Jewelry and Etsy
Boots – Locale
Socks – Free People