Everything’s for sale.

No, I’m not getting metaphorical, though I really could. But no, I’m being absolutely literally….I’m for sale.
Okay, not really, but I couldn’t resist the joke.

Everything I own is for sale, in clothing and accessories. Instead of trying to shoot everything and list it, I’m just going to put this out there:
If you see something you like or want, message or email me with a reasonable offer. This isn’t a Firesale where I’ll send everything out for super cheap, as a lot of the clothes are specialty. But I am a reasonable person who’s not sentimentally attached to the value of clothing. So if there’s anything you’ve wanted, grab the photo and hit me up. I’ll share the condition and anything else you want to know.

There’s only a few things I wouldn’t part with, as I feel the need to share, and send things out to the universe.

Wool and Lace Dress – Shopruche (now closed)
Tights – Hansel from Basel
Boots – Matisse Footwear