Usually, I speak about thoughts or feelings, or – obviously – fashion. I talk about the journeys I’m on, the things I’m struggling with, or the *little bits of* wisdom I have to share. Today is different. 

Today I’d like to say thank you to the women who are my constants. First off, there’s family of course. My Mother, and my Mother-in-Law, both very different, but both full of love and constantly there for me. Obviously, we would be nowhere without family, and I will never diminish what they give, but I’m going to talk about those women who are not bound to me in any family way. *haha, family way, I made a pregnancy joke*

I’m blessed with many lovely and kind women in my life. Some have left, and some are just beginning to share their life with me. Some I’d like to get to know better. But there are three that steadfastly journey with me through all the ups, downs, and drunken stupidness that is my unruly mouth.

There is one that comes over and hangs out. She brings gifts, small or big – I’m pretty sure it’s her love language. She sends me four to seven texts all in a row, all without capitals, and all one to three words long.  They all have many emoticons. She always arrives late, I budget for that now, and full of smiles. She gives big hugs and she’s full of hope and sunshine and rainbows and puppies – all that I am not.

There is one that plans appointments with me three weeks ahead. She schedules the times of our meetups, the locations, and then in seconds sends me a calander invite.  She has particular everything – where it goes, how it’s done, and when it should occur. She holds me when I cry, gives me perspectives I never thought of, and accepts all my stupidity with a smirk.

There is one that drinks me under the table *which to be fair, is stupidly easy*, has constant relationship adventures, and loves to plan everything around food *true, who doesn’t?*. She’s the one I bring to blogger events because I’m notoriously shy and she engages everyone and makes it look easy. She thinks of the details I never knew mattered, plans for your food allergies, and sympathizes with you over your stupid actions.

They say that you are an average of the friends you keep.

I think I’m doing just fine.

Skirt – Spell Designs
Top – hand me down
Necklace – Threadsence *now closed*
Boots – Thrifted
Bracelets – Purabeada and Threadsence