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Vampires And Kimonos??

Top – c/o Gracie B. Boutique // Jacket – Zara  //  Shorts & Sunnies – F21  //  Boots – DIYed  //  Necklace – Ardene
I love kimonos.  Honestly, can’t get enough, and I want to own every single one.  The problem?  I’m still figuring out how to wear them.  I’m playing and trying to see what works for me and what doesn’t.  Maybe here’s where I can finally stat using Pinterest.  Oh that’s what that thing is for right?  
I’m gonna play folks.  I’m gonna have some fun…but be warned, that means some outfits may suck.  And suck a lot.  It takes trial and error to figure things out.  Get ready for some major suckage.  
*Side note:  I believe I may be watching too many Vampire things lately…everything ‘Sucks’*

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These Boots Were Made For Walkin’

Jacket – Zara  //  Top – unknown  //  Jeans – Gap  //  Boots – c/o Dansko  //  Sunnies – F21
You know how they say shoes make the outfit?  Well they do.  These cool Dansko boots have a great weight and feel to them.  Such that they give me a bit of a strut.. and hells yeah I’ll take that.  I put on the outfit and felt good about it, but when I put on the shoes all of a sudden I got a bit of rockstar attitude.  Yes, I know it’s all in my head and I’m not really a rockstar but hey that’s what clothes are for right?  To play pretend.  
The boots are really what did it.  Despite the fact that my bootcut pants covered the top of them *side note:  can’t wait to wear them with a cute dress to show off the button detail*  they added a great finesse to my whole day.  I love the classic cut with a little unique detailing.  It’s something that can go with anything in your closet, and be timeless, but still have a bit of stand alone edge.  
Oh and yeah, they’re super comfy.  My feet were not sore after a whole day of walking, meetings, and biking.  Yes, I biked in them all around Toronto.  That’s just how I roll. 

Bare Naked

Shirt & Sunnies – F21 // Jeans – Gap  //  Booties – Walmart  //  Jewelry & Bag – Threadsence

This particular morning I was headed to set.  So that means nothing done.  No hair. No make up.  I had straightened my hair a few days back, so I just kept that as it was when I woke up, and all I did was put on moisturizer. 

Normally I do something.  Put on some concealer, and mascara at least.  But nope.  You have to have a fresh face for the artists to do their work of turning you into your character.  Hence, washed and undone I went forth.

At least Han Solo added a bit of swagger to my step.

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Stay Cool WIth Star Wars

Tank, Sunnies, Yellow Bracelet & Shorts – F21 //  Shoes – ModCloth  //  Bag – Threadsence  //  Pink Cuff – Brandy Melville 

The heat and humidity are killin’ my style.  I’m trying my best to stay cool, and stay upbeat. *I find the humidity oppressive* Most days I want to lounge around in front of my fan wearing the absolute bare minimum that courtesy will let me get away with.  But going out to a script read through means that I need to get dressed.  And I did, but my brain was not focusing on anything.  I barely made out the words on the script in front of me.  It was rough.  Though Star Wars always helps!

If you have any, I would love your styling stay cool tips!

Lack of Concern For Execution

Dress -Sweet Rain  //  Sandals & Jacket – F21  //  Sunnies – Lace Affair
A casual day spent at my mom’s house means that my uniform is a dress and easy denim jacket.  It also means that my humid wracked hair is up and away from my face without concern for the style or beauty of it’s execution.  Which would be fine, were I not a person to chronicle everything I wear.  
There you have it folks. Some days were you to stop by my house you would find my hair a veritable braided rats nest.  C’est la vie.
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Before The Heavens Opened Up

Blouse – c/o Gracie B boutique  //  Shorts – Gap  //  Shoes & Yellow studded bracelet – F21  //  Black bracelet – ebay  //  Red Stone bracelet & Silver Ring – Threadsence  //  Necklace – Ardene  //  Eagle ring – Lulus

To me these pictures signify the soft wet wind that heralded the storm that swept Toronto.  Not five minutes after I clicked the last pictures, the heavens opened up and started the waters that would flood several streets, and a whole section of a downtown highway.  My own bike ride home was doubled in length as floods made me look for alternate routes home, and as I waded through knee high water beneath underpasses.  
Throughout it all the cut off shorts coupled with the carefree inspired top helped me look at it all as a grand adventure, and not once did the thought that something bad would happen enter my mind.    That’s probably what attracted me to Gracie B boutique – the optimistic devil may care attitude inherent in their pictures.  Something we could all use a bit of.

This top immediately drew me because of it’s light free flowing cut, and darker design. It’s just one of many unique items that each have a voice of their own.

On that note, why not win a $35 shop credit to this fabulous site.

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Relinquishing to the Sun and Wind

Top – Motel Rocks//  Jeans – Gap  //  Belt – AE  //  Sandals – I forget  //  Sunnies – F21  //  Earrings – I forget.

Some days are just this whirlwind that is life, and I relinquish myself to the air.  This day I spent time recording a self-tape audition for a tv series, biked in glorious heat across town while listening to a Star Trek audiobook, spun and reveled in outfit self-portraits while the folks over the security cameras probably laughed, fenced and fought for a few hours, and biked again while the city sighed under the cool evening.  
Days like this I try not to think and just enjoy the hedonistic pleasures of the physical exertions and the sun and wind on my skin.

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Taking What No One Wants

Tank & Jeans – Gap  //  Vest, Belt & Sunnies – F21  //  Hat – unknown brand  //  Shoes – Rocketdog  //  Necklace – thrifted

My last day in NYC I packed up and walked around airplane ready.  Now for those of you who are imagining me tramping about Central Park here burdened with luggage, I will say this:  I went to NYC for five days with a small backpack that was half full.  I had all my necessary cosmetics, and clothes, in that to last me a week.  Yes, my secret talent is packing lighter than most think is humanly possible.  On the way back, my backpack was full only because I had such great thrifting success! 

Case in point:  I picked up this necklace for under $4. 

Side note:  thank you once more everyone for hating on this vest.  Because no one wanted it, I grabbed it from the F21 website clearance for a measly $7.  And I love it!

Garbage Meltdowns

Dress – Ruche  //  Jacket – Old Navy  //  Necklace & Hat – F21  //  Boots – Feet First
A box arrived for my husband.  Inside there was an item – which is not relevant for our purposes – that was packed with that styrofoam popcorn stuff.  Baby Girl saw this and wanted to play with it desperately.  Us, being the ever diligent parents aware of choking hazards and other things, said, “No, honey.  It’s garbage.”  At which point, while Andrew went out to throw it in the garbage, I was left with a tantrum induced toddler screaming repeatedly at the top of her lungs, ” I want garbage!” 
Not moments later all was right with the world and she was happily prancing about again.  Ah, the unpredictable pendulum that is the 2 year old psyche. 

Animal Instincts Come Alive

Dress- Mink Pink  //  Jacket – Old Navy  //  Necklace – H&M  //  Shoes – Rocketdog
The warmth is here in full force.  As the sun comes out and the layers are shed I always think that somehow we shed our inhibitions as well and return to more primal roots.  We become more animal, shall we say, more in tune with our instincts.  Clearly that’s on my mind as I reach for animal print and faux suede fringe detail. 
Plus,  whenever I wear animal print, the song, “Wild Women Do” from the Pretty Woman soundtrack plays in my head throughout the day.  We could all use a little Julia Roberts delusion now and then.
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