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A Necessary Barrier From the World

Cardi – Free People  //  Tank – Love Nail Tree  //  Infinity Scarf – Look by M  //  Boots – Feet First  //  Necklace – Threadsence

Our city is going crazy.  Our current mayor *Rob Ford – google him…no seriously, do it. You’ll see what I mean* is making Toronto a laughing stock.  Seriously, I don’t know how he’s still in office. 

On these jaded and cynical days, I end up reaching for soft, loose, and chunky things.  Perhaps I’m unconsciously trying to create a protective barrier between myself and those things that have me feeling like our world is going down the crapper. 
Perhaps, it’s not so unconscious. 

This tank from Love Nail Tree also fits.  The design is a commentary on the American dream – the perversion and decay of it more accurately.   So perhaps, while I reach for a protective barrier, I also can not quiet the instinct in me to not go quietly into that gentle night, if only through the use of a wise graphic tee. 

How To Style A Party Dress For Day

Dress – c/o eShakti  //  Shirt – Esprit  //  Boots & Silver Bracelet – Threadsence  //  Necklace – F21  //  Cuff Bracelet – Ebay  //  Tights & Socks – HUE 
Choosing this gorgeous dress from eShakti was easy.  It was the one that gripped me in its beauty and didn’t let go.   What’s lovely is that eShakti allows you to completely customize the sizing on your order, so my frame which has a hard time fitting into women’s clothing was completely happy in the perfectly fitting dress that arrived on my doorstep.
But finding places to wear a fancy dress isn’t always the easiest task, so I decided not to let this beauty stay hidden in my closet.  By adding a denim shirt and combat boots the whole outfit was instantly drawn down from fancy night to casual day. 
The only thing I regret is not doing something a bit more elaborate with my hair, but alas I am a mama short on time, and the odds were not in my favor this day.  In retrospect I think I would’ve done a faux hawk like before. 
eShakti is offering two ModaMama readers a $30 gift card to be used towards any purchase that you may desire.  Just enter using the widget below. 

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The Boy Who Wouldn’t Look At Me

Shirt – Campus Crew //  Jeans – Gap  //  Boots & Necklace – Threadsence  //  Bag – Matt by Matt&Nat  // Ring – Body Blue

Sometimes I’m just not feelin’ it.  So I throw on a pair of jeans and a plaid shirt.   And on those days I go back to the 90’s and elementary school and that boy in grade eight who was so cool with his careless and artfully tossed on plaid shirt, and I was the seventh grader just wishing for him to look at me.

It’s not a painful memory because potential crushes in the innocence of youth have so much hope and optimism in them.  It’s actually quite comforting to remember the silly ways I tried to get him to notice me.  And I laugh.

Happy Scary Night!

Sweatshirt – Roots  //  Bruce Lee & Zombie patches – eBay  //  Jeans – Gap  //  Tank – Smart Set  //  Boots – Call It Spring
 I interrupt the rule breakin’ schedule for Halloween.  It’s that time where we all dress up, scare one another, and pretend to be someone else.  Don’t be fooled though, these zombie hands aren’t here just for Halloween.  They’re too awesome to come out just once a year.  I love adding fun patches to otherwise simple clothing.  Like this hoodie, it was just begging for a Bruce Lee homage.  ‘Cause come on, it’s Bruce Lee and he’s awesome.  Plus, I usually wear this to train, so it’s an added bonus and incentive. 
Yeah, my nerdiness is showing again. 

It’s The End of the World

Shirt –   H&M  //  Vest & Sunnies – F21  //  Jeans – Gap  //  Boots – c/o Dansko  //  Necklace – Threadsence

It’s been such a hard week this week.  With the health issues Baby Girl has had this week, and my resulting exhaustion and overwhelmed feeling.  I’m ready for a shut down.  I’m in that critical mass state where everything feels huge.  
We’ve all been there.  It’s not the end of the world…but it sure feels like it.

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Fall is The Season

 Sweater – Zara  //  Top  & Jeans – Gap  //  Boots – Call It Spring  //  Necklace – Threadsence

CatchingCodyK came
up with an idea for a new link up. This idea came to her when she was
noticing alot of fashion bloggers posting about
tips; ex, cheapest fall boots, summer to fall tips, ect. She was thinking
“I wish someone would have a post to find all these great tips” and so
the idea for a seasonal link up was born. Modamama and EmmaDear is
going to be helping co-host this season!

This link up is for all the seasonal tips and ideas like this cute Fall Leaf Garland by JulieAnnArt or
these yummy pumpkin spices M&M cupcakes by The Mom Creative or even this cute
autumn oufit
 by Aunie Sauce. If you have any fall/autumn post, get ready to link them up on CatchingCodyKModamama or EmmaDear.
October 15, 2013
back with all your posts! Link up as many as you would like, just please
visit others. The link will stay open til Dec 4th before closing so
that the WINTER seasonal series link
up can start. Join CatchingCodyK as she turns this dress from fall to winter then.

Appreciation, It’s A Hard Thing

Top & Earrings – F21   //  Jeans – Gap  //  Boots – c/o Dansko
It’s a casual day.  A slow day today.  A day where I get to lounge.  Translation:  I get to have a 10 k run, catch up on emails, edit photos, and do research for a new project that I’m trying to get off the ground.  So you know, practically nothing.  But it does feel that way at this moment.
It feels like I should be on set, memorizing lines, or running to an audition.  We always want what we can’t have and we never fully appreciate what we do have.  
So I’m going to do my best and appreciate this slow time.  This week of rest, research and catch up.  Oh and a facial from Pure+Simple!  Can’t wait to show you guys that experience. 

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat *And a New Link Up announced*

Sweater – Smart Set //  Tank & Jeans – Gap  //  Boots – Feet First  //  Necklace – c/o Atterley Road  //  Scarf – c/o Sexton In The City  //  Ring – Body Blue Toronto  //  Bag – unknown
People often ask me if it’s okay to repeat outfits.  And my answer is always, “Of Course!”  If you find a great combo use it.  Use it and re-work it, repeat it, whatever.  Often just changing a necklace or earrings is enough to add some freshness.  I do this all the time.  Mix up pieces I’m loving and re-wearing fun outfits.  There’s nothing wrong with it. 
We seem to have this idea that everyday has to be new and different.  But think about those things we love:  our favorite book, favorite movie, favorite grandma’s stew.  We love them because they’re great and they never change.  I don’t see the problem with a great outfit either.

NEW LINK UP!  On that note, I’ve been wanting to do a fun link up for a long time.  And I’ve finally got the idea for one.  With Thursday being the unofficial start of  the weekend, and with the weekend being a time when we feel it’s okay to break some rules, I’m going to be hosting a Thursday link-up all about breakin’ the rules in fashion. *’Cause I don’t really think there are any*  Link up starts next Thursday October 10th.  I hope you join me.

And the first rule I want you to break is : No white after labor day.  So antiquated.  Let’s show ’em how fabulous we look breakin’ all the rules.  Style an outfit that breaks this rule and link up next Thursday.  Easy peasy!

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Contributions and Gains

Vest –  Piko 1988 via Threadsence //  Top & Jeans – Gap  //  Boots – Call It Spring  //  Necklace – H&M
When you’re working on a co-op production, even when you’re not acting that day you might have to be on set.  Why, because on such a production, all the actors are equal stakeholders and so they all profit equally and should also not be surprised to work/contribute equally.   Thus their presence is often required on set to help as PAs.  So today I was riding around on my bike delivering gear, running errands, and basically being a go-for for whatever was needed.  I sort of expected it this day, so I wore jeans and a fun vest that would keep me warm and cool on this weird weather day. 

The Perfect Fedora

Top – Ruche //  Jeans – Gap  //  Hat – known  //  Sandals – Rocketdog  //  Sunnies & Earrings – F21
Yes I’m still on set and will be for a while.  All week in fact, so these photos are actually from the weekend.  Sorry, fooling you a bit here.  But I love a great fedora.  Biking around this summer has meant that I don’t get to wear them that much, as I’m always wearing my helmet, but a fabulous fedora is pretty much my perfect accessory. That and amazing sunglasses.  Can’t live without those. 
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