Dress – Ruche  //  Jacket – Old Navy  //  Necklace & Hat – F21  //  Boots – Feet First
A box arrived for my husband.  Inside there was an item – which is not relevant for our purposes – that was packed with that styrofoam popcorn stuff.  Baby Girl saw this and wanted to play with it desperately.  Us, being the ever diligent parents aware of choking hazards and other things, said, “No, honey.  It’s garbage.”  At which point, while Andrew went out to throw it in the garbage, I was left with a tantrum induced toddler screaming repeatedly at the top of her lungs, ” I want garbage!” 
Not moments later all was right with the world and she was happily prancing about again.  Ah, the unpredictable pendulum that is the 2 year old psyche.