We went to a comedy show at The Comedy Corner in downtown Toronto. It costs us $25 each to get in. And man, by the end of the night I was livid.

There was an emcee and four comics – if you could call them that. All of them were disappointing, but not in the “they weren’t funny” way. They were disappointing because they were lazy. There was no real thought, writing, or work – just paltry attempts at being edgy which – when not being just plain disgusting – went into the territory of racist and misogynistic.

There is a craft to comedy. It involves a lot of writing and rewriting and working on timing. You need to know the story and material inside and out – in order to make it seem natural, off the cuff, and to improv with the audience. These folks had appeared to not put any effort into writing. They relied on disgusting jokes, and on racism of every sort, and when that failed they railed against women.

Funny. *sarcasm fully intended*

By the end of the night, I was angry that I had spent a whole evening watching lazy, garbage words being passed off as ‘jokes’ and that I had PAID for it! I would’ve been happy to see people fail, but try. I didn’t even get to see that.

Dress – bought in Poland
Purse – Mannari *gift from my Aunt*
Necklace – hand me down