Well, going off my previous post, I could stay silent and politely fade away. But y’all know me by now, and how likely is that to happen?  Also, how likely should it be? Not at all. Gloria Steinem says that women grow more radical with age, and that one day an army of gray haired women will take over the world. Okay then.  I’ll get out of my sweats, and continue being the sexual, opinionated creature that I have always been. And if that’s too much for you, well then take it as a challenge to step up and search internally for what it is that makes a woman over thirty with a mind of her own too much.

‘Cause I’m okay with being too much.

I’m going to revel in it.

Dress – Spell Designs c/o Lyst
Flip Flops – Walmart
Sunnies – swag from WayHome