So I’m going to break the last day up into three posts, ’cause that last day filled a lot and there were a lot of pictures, and a bunch of stories. Bear with me, or just skip past to the pictures. Whatever works best for you.

That morning I was getting hangry. Seriously. The first breakfast place was closed, the second had a huuuuge line outside of people wanting to get in. So we wandered and settled on the Creole House. There, while wolfing down an egg breakfast, our server started chatting with us. She told us of places to go and things to see. She also recommended that we pop in to her other job – an evening restaurant/bar with live music. She said it was in the French Quarter and closed early because it didn’t attract the crazy bourbon crowd, but instead catered to ‘adults’ – her word, not mine.

Off we went to see the French Quarter during the day, when all the little galleries and artisan shops are open. Lovely little courtyard in the French Quarter provided a great background for outfit shots.

But of course, I had to show you the ridiculousness that is us…in pictures.

The main square that provides outdoor space for vendors was full. It was Saturday, and daytime, and not only did it seem like every person from around had come into the Quarter, but it seemed like every square foot had been taken over by an artist.