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Let’s not Aggrandise Conartists

The aggrandisement of those who con and hurt others that we are committing is disgusting.

Why Not Use the Secret Then?

I love when I see marketing on Instagram and TikTok that says “We have the SECRET to getting 10 million views and hundreds of thousands of followers within a month! Click the link below to get (buy) this secret for yourself!”

Just Do It – Sorry, Nike

Like, okay I know things are different for different people, but I saw on socials a woman who’s highly successful lamenting that she’s no longer feeling creative about her postings.


Let’s talk about some IG/TikTok etc “rules.” There’s a rule, or rather expectation, that if someone follows you, you have to follow them back.

Read List of 2023

Here’s what I read this past year:

Don’t Always Trust Your Feelings

Feelings are not reality. Let me explain.


If you’ve been hurt – by a friend or a lover – the only thing I’ll implore of you is that you do not let it harden you.


Well, oh my gosh!

Gratitude, not Platitude

“To be grateful we have to be without defences – a risky predicament. We have to renounce our pride in order to recognize that our happiness depends on someone else. Many people do not like to feel dependent….To be grateful is to let ourselves be known.” – Piero Ferrucci

Apple Picking

Yes, it’s that time of year! Everyone’s doing it…because it’s fun!

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