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A Picnic at the Falls

The whole group had lunch at the Falls.

Up To The Cottage

A beautiful few days means getting in the car and heading up to the cottage.

Nixed the Coffee

Since we’re on the subject, getting the acid reflux did do one thing – it ended my dependence on coffee.

Reflux done

I realized that I haven’t given you guys an update on the horrible constant acid reflux that I got three days after surgery – as soon as I started to eat normally again.

Geese Back Off

Went on a walk around the pond. And since it’s Spring, the Canada Geese are particularily vicious as the young ones hatch.

Not Just Highlights

Authenticity right? So here it is, the real not highlight stuff.

Broken System

My cancer is not considered serious. My cancer is not taken into oncology. My cancer is not given the mental health support that other cancers is.

Clean House

With how much I’ve been working, and how little they notice it, the house was an absolute nightmare.

Freddie Mercury

Halloween. Time for a costume.

Coming Clean

Time to come clean. Over the last little while, I’ve been making my way through our health care system because I had some symptoms and it led me to discover a large mass in my neck.

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