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Broken System

My cancer is not considered serious. My cancer is not taken into oncology. My cancer is not given the mental health support that other cancers is.

Clean House

With how much I’ve been working, and how little they notice it, the house was an absolute nightmare.

Freddie Mercury

Halloween. Time for a costume.

Coming Clean

Time to come clean. Over the last little while, I’ve been making my way through our health care system because I had some symptoms and it led me to discover a large mass in my neck.

Furry House Guest

We had that lovely trouble making, cute, cuddly house guest again.


The world sleeps but I’m awake. Slowly, I deliriously make my way out the door and head out.

Comments on the Net

Comments on the internet. Yes, you all know where I’m going with this. I recently had an interesting encounter.

Deal with It

The acting industry. Huh, this is a hard one. A friend and I were talking and he said a profound truth: the whole industry is set up to ‘deal with’ you.

Individual Rights

“We have been infected with a set of ideas that has weakened us.


Anytime a deep fog descends on us, I think of The Mist.

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