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Childish Self

My look when someone says, “Just be mindful and look inward to your authentic self.”

Seriously, Enough.

I’ve stayed quiet on a lot of people’s Anti-vaxx conspiracy theories. Now they’re using this attack on the Ukraine to spread more conspiracy lies – like that’s it’s just a distraction.

Music Show

When going out to a cool music show, one does not simply go out to a cool music show.


Perfection is overrated.

Just Ask

People are afraid of being wrong.

Surviving Snowmageddon

Snowmageddon arrived. We have been buried under it, and everything, just everything is covered with it.

To Spike or Not?

Well, we’re back to lockdown and virtual learning….and I’m back to monitoring that allllll day.

Just Stop

Oh my dear, make sure you don’t move so fast, keep so busy, and talk so much as to distract yourself.

Time is Here.

Time of celebration. Time to reflect, time to acknowledge, time to appreciate.

This is Forty

Yup. It’s here. The big one. I’m forty.

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