You’re doing your best; examining your behaviors, checking yourself, putting in safeguards, but then you buy something you didn’t mean to. Maybe you slipped emotionally, or fiscally. Whatever it happens.

Do to yourself the same things you would do if you ‘wronged’ someone else. After all, why do you deserve less consideration and respect?

Admit your actions, apologize, forgive, and do better next time.

Admit what you did, and take this opportunity to examine your motivations behind it. It’s a chance to learn more – and more data is great!

Then apologize to yourself. Apologize for not giving yourself the care you actually needed, if the need was emotional. Apologize for not nourishing yourself and instead putting a bandaid over whatever was actually wrong. Or apologize to your bank account and all the hard work you do to make money.

Then forgive yourself. To err is human. We all makes mistakes – we hurt others with our actions and we hurt ourselves. Forgive yourself.

Do better next time. If it’s returnable, do so. If you can cancel the online order, do so. If you can’t resolve to act better next time. To learn from your mistake and to not make the same one over again.

I slipped up and bought this jacket I wanted. It was outside the current saved up budget, but hey it happens. I realized that I had fallen into my mindless automatic mode, and didn’t actually stop to consider. I had talked about it with Andrew, and it was a great savings, and he was okay with it. But it meant I had to go into a negative personal budget and make that up. So I sold some other clothes, and had to patiently wait for my personal budget to catch up and get back to zero. I love the jacket, and I think it was worth it, but I would have preferred it to have occurred in another way. A way that made me feel like I had more agency in my actions.

Dress – Qui Qui Clothing
Sunnies – borrowed.
Necklace – Raw Eco jewelry
Jacket – Sheplers