I read a study that says that second hand fashion will over take fast fashion within ten years.

And while that sounds great, it’s not enough, and it’s not fast enough. Sorry, but it just isn’t. Fashion is the second greatest polluting industry after agriculture – apart from the widespread dependence on fossil fuels. So really, ten years is not fast enough. We need to raise awareness and bring this number waaaaaaay down.

Ways to avoid fast fashion:
1. Buy sparingly, buy a piece you love and wear it, wear it, wear it. Ex. This Spell top has been in my closet for years and I’ve worn it so many times and so many different ways.
2. Buy what’s already made: vintage, thrift, etc. etc. It’s already there, it’s already made, so you “treating yourself” won’t waste more precious resources or need more chemicals. Places to get these: Etsy, your local thrift/vintage shops, Depop, Poshmark, Flea markets, etc. etc.
3. Buy sustainable: I’m so pleased that it’s becoming more and more prolific. Brands are now being more transparent and more sustainable. They’re actively raising the costs of production and their products to create things in ways that don’t harm the planet. Yeah, it means that you’ll only be able to buy one thing instead of ten because of the price, but the planet will be around for you to wear it.

Here endeth the rant……for today.

Top – Spell Designs *old*
Dress – Qui Qui Clothing
Boots – Thrifted
Necklace – F21

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