Yeah, that show “Our Planet” on Netflix from the creators of Earth. I’ve been watching it.

I loved ‘Earth’, and ‘Blue Planet’…. basically all their shows. This one has a decided environmental push – showing you what’s being threatened, and what we’re losing. Obviously, I’m an environmentalist, that’s clear, and this show has always impacted me – the beauty and wonder of our world, and the beauty and cruelty of nature.

This time, however, it’s made me cry too. I’ve cried at the things we’re destroying and the precious balance we’re ruining. And ironically, we’re doing the most harm to ourselves, because we depend on this world for our lives. Literally.

We’re only shooting ourselves.

Sweater – Joe Fresh, thrifted
Necklace – Natalie B.
Skirt – Spell
Jacket – Danier Leather
Boots – thrifted

*Everything but skirt up for sale if you want to make an offer*