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They say that a large majority of our personality, maybe even most of it, is encoded into us genetically. That the genes determine our responses, temperaments, and behaviors.

Basically Everything For Sale

Everything’s for sale.

That Jacket, or Some Sort of Karmic Shit

Here’s karma *not really in the strict definition*. Here’s the universe at work. Let me tell you the story of a girl and a jacket….

N’awlins – Tree of Life

So here’s where the stories really begin.


Well it’s official, my latest obsession is velvet. Can’t get enough of this luxe fabric. 

My Daughter…

…had a bad day.

Summer, You’re a Tease

Summer is in this gorgeous little game with us.

You Win Some, And Some Dresses Fall Apart

So I’m a bit bummed. Gotta say.


When going out to events that you have to dress up for a little bit, I like the LBD.

Fresh Start with a Fresh Year

My energy has been so low these holidays.

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