I f**k up like mad. My demons are my friends.
I used to run scared from them, but now? Now I hold their hand.
We walk like companions celebrating and teasing each other.
They are ever present.
To look at them makes them less scary.
To examine each recess, each corner, makes each one a little less frightening.

Though they’re my companions for life, I hope they never have a total grasp on me.
Facing your demons, facing your dark side, and examining it takes away it’s power.
So you can swish and play and realize that we all f**k up like mad.

*I think that’s it for dime store philosophy. I’ll be returning to my silly brand of sarcasm real real soon*

Skirt – Spell designs *old*
Top – New Orleans tourist shirt
Necklace – Free People
Sneakers – Walmart
Sunnies – eBay
Rings – F21