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Whatever You’re…

I laugh at funerals and smirk at weddings.

A Day in Huntsville, and a Sunset Dinner

Through a series of fortunate, and misfortunate, events, we all ended up in Huntsville for an afternoon. Though I would’ve loved spending the day in the lake, you know me and water, I’m also not one to say no to an adventure.

Diner en Blanc

I’ve attended Diner en Blanc before, but it was fun to go again.

Beauty and A**holes

So I spoke about my crochet weakness already, well here’s another: backless dresses.

Clothes Carry the Threads of Us

This may sound silly to you, but clothes for me hold a lot of memory, a lot of feeling.

Make Friends with Your Demons

I f**k up like mad. My demons are my friends.

The Long Way ‘Round

“I’ve got a ticket for the long way round….two bottle a’whiskey for the road….”

It’s In The Jeans

This is what I like to call my casual outfit.

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