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Some think it’s a weed and do their best to kill it.

Tips for Online Vintage Shopping: F**king Up

I talked in my previous post in this series about sewing and skills. But now I’m going to talk about the mindset that goes along with that. The journeyman mindset.

When You Gotta Take a Hint

Morning sunshine and *sorta* warmer temperatures meant what else but the beach!

Nature Walks, Poison Ivy, and Grey’s Anatomy

Crossing the sand dunes, which we technically shouldn’t have done but didn’t know until after,

Stumbling Through Coffee

Waking up that first day in PEI, after oh, about 4 hours sleep certainly made both of us think one thing: coffeeeeeeeeee…..

Biker Gear


No trip to Port Dover, Ontario would be complete without picking up some kick ass leather halter.

It’s a beach town with a unique mix: hippie dippie types *my peeps*, retirement destination, and bikers. Friday the 13th – bikers from everywhere gather here, hence there’s a heavy influence on the town year round. I really loved seeing the surf shops and boho shops right next to all the biker bars, and bike shops. Just fantastic!

So what does that mean? It means I’m loving all the leather vests and biker gear, and could not leave without at least one awesome piece.

It had fringe, so the deal was done.



Top – On the Fringe Leather

Fail, But Don’t Be Boring




Embroidered Bib Halter – UO  //  Sweater – Smart Set  //  Pants – Esprit  //  Shoes – Threadsence  //  Jewelry – I don’t recall (old)

Everyone effs up.  We all make mistakes, we all shove our feet in our mouths.  We all fail.  Sometimes we fail gloriously, other times, just quietly and thoroughly.  We all have a little voice in our heads telling us we’re not enough, or whatever your voice says.  Let’s embrace it.  Let’s embrace that moment of failing miserably.  Because if you never risk anything, never put yourself out there, you’ll never fail.

And never doing anything is just plain boring.

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