As I looked at one of the pictures of this outfit, I laughed to myself, “All of this is from Clearance!”

Every single thing is was either purchased on clearance, sale on sale, thrifted, or received as a hand me down. So I guess the message here is if someone wants to give you a garbage bag of their old clothes, say yes. If there is a thrift shop near you, have a look. If there is a clearance on clearance, there can be gems in there.

The other message is, I rarely, if ever, shop full price. Just don’t have the funds for it, and that’s perfectly all right, because no one can tell….I hope.

Skirt – Spell Designs via Free People
Top – really old so I forget
Jacket – Danier Leather
Boots – thrifted
Bag – Lucky Brand, hand me down
Belt – Lucky Brand