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I Dare You

A Poem


Dinner at a Tapas restaurant was a perfect meal after our day.

What Drives You To Shop?

Let’s start with the biggie: What drives you to shop? If you take away anything from me ever, it’s to always ask, “what’s driving you?”

A Little Bit Bordello: Sustainable Hosiery and Changing Fashion

I’m sorry if I’m repeating myself, but vintage and sustainable are so my jam…


It was the first really warm day – well comparatively – and I thought let’s take advantage of that.

Winter Sunset

I’m not going to lie, it can be elusive.

Hit The Ground Running

As soon as I’m back, I hit the ground running.


When the landscape around me gets austere with the death that Winter brings, all I want to do is layer texture and life into my clothes.

The Wet Season

Well thus far it’s been a highly interesting Autumn here. Lots of rain, and wetness, not a lot of the leaves crunching under foot and sunshine.

Every Once in a While

“Every once in a while you will come across someone who will completely rob you from your sleep, and those the people who are just too beautiful to put into words.” – R.M. Drake

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